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Ateam Gaming Community Hype!

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Community Hype

During my streams I greatly appreciate everyone who comes to chat and actively participates with the community.  Community hype is my way of showing my appreciation and love for the community.  Most broadcasters do not allow anyone to self promote during their streams in fact most broadcasters will ban you if you promote anything about yourself or any content you might be creating on the internet.  I know for a fact that if it wasn't for the community that actively participates and supports me and my online content I'd wouldn't have a reason to continue. 


What is community hype?

At a specific time during the stream I allow active viewers to promote their social media and or online content.


When is community hype?

I will announce exactly when community hype starts and only during this time of the stream will self promoting be allowed. 


What can I post during community hype?

If you create content on the internet dealing with computers and or gaming you are welcome to post your social media links.  Do NOT spam repeatedly the same link.  I encourage you to provide a small description of your content along with the link. 

Who is allowed to post and what type of links are allowed during community hype?



Type of links allowed: 

Online content creation pages and social media such as Youtube, Twitch, facebook,  twitter, hitbox.


Type of links not allowed:

Personal donation and or fund raiser, patreon, paypal, merchandise etailer shops are not allowed. Alternative community websites are also not allowed. If it isn't a content creation page or social media page it most likely isn't allowed.


Community hype is about bringing awareness to the online content you create and to help the community grow. Together we can help change the normal selfish attitude most communities have so we can grow a giving and thriving community and hopefully attract many more people with similar desires.

Please do not abuse this privilege or take advantage of my kindness because that will end up ruining it for everyone. 

Thank you everyone who actively support the community and I can't wait to see you next stream!

Now Thats Whats Up!!! ~ iamApropos

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