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End of the year live show!

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iamApropos    206

What's Up Y'all!!?

The 31st Dec 2015 8pm CST - 1st Jan 2016 2am CST will be the 3rd annual end of the year live show.

I will be doing this show slightly different than last year and going back to the roots of how this began.

The end of the year show was created because I wanted everyone who would otherwise be alone during this time of year to have a place to come, hangout, and enjoy saying goodbye to the previous year and welcome in the new year.   Sharing our stories, good or bad, from 2015 and our dreams or what we are looking forward to in 2016.  

I have not sent out formal invitations to anyone this year as all are welcome to come participate and have a great time ending the year together with a bang!

If you would like to participate in the live show there are some prep I do expect you to do before you join please check out the calendar event for more details:

There is a portion of the show that will allow members of the community under 21 years of age to join and share their experiences but after 10pm CST the show will be age restricted due to alcohol consumption and possibly mature discussions / topics.

If you have any questions about the show please reply here and I'll try and respond as soon as possible.

I can't wait to hangout with y'all and share in closing out one more year together!

Now That's What's Up!!!

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Crimmy    79

Welp, guess I'm cutting down on beer consumption tonight to save most of it for tomorrow night. Looking forward to it.

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