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MrCaptainA needs you(r portraits)

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MrCaptainA    44

ok boys and girls, I'm working on putting together a character pack for XCOM 2 using friendly faces from the #AteamGC

As I complete each character I'll add them to an #AteamGC character pool for anyone to import... but that's where I need you all to assist.

If you're interested in being featured in this character pool, I'm going to need you to snap a picture of yourself so I can get the character models looking on point and ready to liberate Earth from the Advent administration.

I'm happy to add character bios as well, so if there's a bit of fluff (doesn't need to be factual, funny works too) you'd like to add to the pic as well your country of origin (so I can get the nationalities right) I'll get to work on it. I'll be keeping this thread as a saved tab so I have something to work from. Here's mine as a template.

Name: Andrew "MrCaptainA" Weeks

Nationality: English

Gender: Male

Biography(500 characters max): Andrew was recruited into the XCOM project on the recommendation of Central, who served with his uncle during the first war. Despite his quiet exterior, on the battlefield he is a force to be reckoned with, continuing to fight when others may find it advantageous to withdraw. Andrew spends much of his time between missions alone, only accepting the company of a select few members of the AteamGC, who helped him find himself after the Advent corporation took his family away for "re-education".

Hair Color: dirty blonde

Eye Color: blue

Available as(soldier/vip/dark vip - can choose more than one): Soldier

Below is my photo and the character I've been able to make from the current options available (more will be released later though)

Once I've completed the character pack, I'll upload it to the steam workshop for anyone to use in their missions and edit this post with a link to it.


Picture 1.jpg


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