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Wheel of Surprise!

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iamApropos    206

What is the wheel of surprise?

The wheel is things I do or have done to me upon one of two things 1. Every 5 new followers or 2. $10+ in tips.

The wheel spins once and when it lands on one of the following I either do or have it done to me.

Here is the list of current things on the wheel:

Make a face at the camera for screen shots

Staring contest

Read from 50 shades of grey generator 

Wife puts makeup on iamApropos


Mummify Wrap head in toilet paper

Take 3 surprise shots (One has alcohol the other two are surprises)

Get Antiqued

Sing a song

Call mom on phone and sing song

Take a surprise spoonful

15 minutes of chipmunk voice


If you have any suggestions to be added to the wheel please reply with details thank you!

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