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What is Discord?

Discord is our current favorite (and possibly the ultimate) chat client. It is very different from our other programs. Where discord is different is the fact that you have multiple voice channels BUT you can interact with everyone connected via text chat channels. So think about it like IRC with voice capabilities. You can elect to NOT be in the main chat channel by simply clicking into a different one. However if you do not wish to speak or do not have a microphone you can elect to not be in ANY voice channel but still be able to hang out and chat with your buddies (and consequently everyone that is or is not a favorite). This is what sets it apart from other programs we have used. 

Discord is available everywhere you can get a web browser. So if you're running it on a toaster, well there you go! The service currently has a MOBILE, DESKTOP and WEB apps available. (The desktop and mobile app are what we recommend you get. I will explain later.)


Why are we moving AGAIN!?

In short, due to many circumstances. However discord allows the community to become more close. If you don't feel like talking, you don't have to, if you do feel like talking, then you can. It's very flexible and the mobile variant is spot on. Having a slow day at work? Well jump on the mobile app and either type away or chat! Manager coming by? Well just get out of the app. It's also available via the web interface. (However multiple differences exist, if you are using push to talk in the web app the window must be opened on top or it will not work. However if you want to try it then you can get an almost desktop app like experience though the web.) Discord will seamlessly move you to whatever client you are using. In short, you can have the desktop app open and move to the couch or the mobile app without losing a beat. (Older messages sent via text chat is the same exact across your platforms so you really don't miss a beat.)



First thing is first the link to join is right over here: https://discord.me/ateamgc

That link will take you to the rules channel. PLEASE READ THE RULES! If you cannot use voice chat hang out for 5 minutes. That's a security feature we have in place to prevent trolls and banned people from coming in and not changing their behavior.

In order to join you must have a discord account. So go over to this link: https://discordapp.com/register and register an account it's free and it will be your key to ALL THE DISCORD THINGS!

Once you're registered, you can click the join link (for those of you that skipped the last paragraph it's this: https://discord.me/ateamgc).

Once you're in, you will be taken to the RULES "chat" which you cannot interact with.

So you will have to click on ANY of the other chat channels. (#general and (at the time of writing this) #gaming_text_chat).

If you want to join a VOICE channel click on any of the voice channels. Simple as that!

We strongly recommend you download the desktop app, because it is much better and more stable. I want to reiterate that. DOWNLOAD THE DESKTOP APP!



On the VERY left side, you have your server(s) and at the very top of that section you can find your DMs. It will also tell you how many of your friends are online.


Next to the left pane (under "AteamGC" which is the server you're looking at now), you will see your "channels" text at the top beginning with a "#". Under the text chats you will see "Voice Channels". That's where you can find your voice channels. 


The big section is you text chat, usually it will be #general. That's where you can chat with EVERYONE connected to the server whether they are on mobile, on the web or at their computer. (This is the epicness). 


The section on the right is everyone connected, whether they are in game, streaming or afk. (Yes discord will let you know what game anyone is playing without being intrusive or if they're streaming!) NOTE: You can hide this panel for a more compact view by pressing the icon next to the "?" on the top left.




You can insert images into the text chat and it will show the image! (Don't abuse this feature to post unsavory things you WILL be reprimanded).

You can link webpages and it will give you a brief preview of the page.

You can upload music to share or sound clips within the general chat as well.

You can EDIT whatever text you sent as well.

(All of these extra features are available across ALL platforms as well.)



DID I MISS SOMETHING?!?! Comment in this thread! 



All features are as is at the time of writing this thread. More Features are CONSTANTLY being added. One of which is VIDEO chat!



Want to get twitch emotes in discord? Drop some KAPOWS in chat? Maybe get a custom theme going? Go and grab Better Discord at: https://betterdiscord.net/home/ Go ahead and download and unzip it. Run the installer and reboot discord and in settings you'll see "Better Discord". There you can change multiple options, enable extra features, and even get a sexy theme like the one I have!


If you need help, feel free to ask me or in chat. Someone is bound to know something.




Also get rid of gamevox and make the switch BRAHHH!

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HotRodNerd    25

So...for me, when I click the invite link it is broken. I get the result show below. Not sure if I am the only one having the issue, but any information would be greatly appreciated.


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Bohde    4
On 6/8/2016 at 7:44 PM, Walking_Corpse said:

For those intrepid Linux users amongst us, there is an experimental release for Discord at the linked thread.



Here is the direct link to discord. Save you a trip to reddit.


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