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AteamGC Admin

Discord Rules

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Welcome to Ateam Gaming Community

"We don't care if you use Blue Green or Red stop gaming alone and join the Ateam Gaming Community Instead!"

Don't forget to visit our community website: http://www.iamApropos.com and follow @TheAteamGC on twitter for updates!

By being in this Discord server you agree to follow these rules: These rules may be added to or changed at any given time or at the discretion of the Admins or the Server Owner. All changes will be announced in #announcements, Server Owner/Admins/Moderators have the final say regarding rules and enforcement.

Please only use this link to invite people to our discord: http://www.discord.me/AteamGC

If you have issues with members or Admins send a DM to @AteamGC Admin.


Be respectful of this community and it's participants.

No abusive speech.

No harassment.

No discrimination whatsoever, whether it be race, sex or age.

Advertising other voice servers or gaming communities is prohibited. (Dm, chat channel, part of your name, etc.)

Any NSFW post in any channel other than #18_plus_nsfw chat will be deleted. If you cannot see this channel please DM your age to @AteamGC Admin so we can add you to the "grown ups" list.

No political, religious, or holiday discussion in public rooms, please take these types of discussions to DM.

Refrain from being disruptive in gaming voice channels, have respect for those using them to play games and stream. Remember if you are in a live stream channel you are a guest and should therefore give priority to the host.

If you want to join a streamer while gaming, please join "The Green Room" voice channel and ping the streamer to let them know you are ready.

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