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I know this is late, but still...

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Distriktt    33

Hey everyone,

I guess you could call this a build log of sorts. I look at it as more of a rundown of my new budget m-atx build.

As some of you may know, I have been away from the PC gaming community for the last few months due to real life things. That is a story for another time. Now it’s time to talk about the system I built to get back into gaming with friends again.

For the most part I have limited myself to a budget of around $800. So let’s take a look at what hardware this build is comprised of.

Here is a list of the hardware with approximate pricing.

Case – Fractal Design Define Mini-C – $85

CPU – AMD Athlon X4 845 – $68

Mobo – Gigabyte GA-F2A88XM-D3HP – $60

RAM – Klevv Urbane 16GB(2×8) DDR3 2133 – $90

CPUHSF – Cryorig M9a Mini Tower Cooler – $19

PSU – Fractal Design Integra M 550W – $60

Video Card – Sapphire Nitro Radeon RX460 4GB – $125

SSD – Adata Ultimate SU800 256GB – $80

Now this is just the hardware for the system itself, not counting peripherals and OS. The price comes out to $587 not including shipping(all parts ordered from Newegg). I know I could have gone with some less expensive parts and saved a few dollars, but I still like decent looks to go with functionality.

I did have to buy a new monitor and keyboard as well as some extras for the system.

Monitor – Viewsonic VX2457-MHD 24″ 1080p Freesync – $150

Keyboard/mouse combo – Coolermaster Devastator II LED(kid chose this) – $30

Case fans – (2) 92mm Fractal Design Silent Series R2(used on heat sink in push/pull config) – $18

Cable – Phanteks 3″ Y-spliiter fan cable – $5

Cable – 6ft Display Port m-m – $7

The total for the extras comes out to $210.

The total cost for everything came out to $797. I did not include the price of the operating system in the total cost. If I were to include the price of the OS, it would roughly be another $100.

This system plays most games at 1080p on medium to high detail @60fps, depending on the game of course.

On another note recently I have picked up a new keyboard and mouse, but I am not going to include those in the price of the build since they were picked up well after the build was up and running. I do have some other plans for this build as I am never truly done. :) 

First off was making the lettering on the CPU cooler white(the last 2 pics show that). I will do some custom sleeved cables in the future and possibly some painting o something in the near future.








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