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January GameDay Event

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What is the Community Game Day Event?  

The community game day is a scheduled day of gaming in which people who want to participate sign up and suggest games they'd like to play with others.  This allows people to know that one day a month during specific hours a list of people want to play games.  We gather together centralized in the Ateam Gaming Community Discord and play games together.   The Event is hosted live on twitch.tv/AteamGC in which all announcements and giveaways will take place.

This event is being hosted by the Content Creator Team and the Ateam Gaming Community we'll have the event centrally focused on one ATeamGC twitch channel to make things easier for coordinating the event, announcements and giveaways.

When is the Community Monthly Game Day Event!?

The Ateam Gaming Community Monthly Game Day Event will be held the 1st Saturday of every month excluding January and February which are a little later in the month. 

How does the Community Game Day Event work?

The forum post will allow people to sign up indicating who and how many people plan to attend.  Also when you sign up you can suggest which games you'd like to play during this event. By suggesting games that you'd like to play it'll allow others who also may be interested to download the games ahead of time.

How long will each Game Day Event last?
We'll plan for the event to last 12 hours from 12pm EST until 12am EST. 

Who is able to participate?

This event is not limited to only the Ateam Gaming Community.  We welcome anyone to join the event and stop gaming alone! You never know who may show up and game as we've had surprise V.I.P.'s jump in and game from time to time.

Where will everyone meet?

For people interested in gaming we will be utilizing the Ateam Gaming Community Discord for this event:



For those who want to watch the event live:

https://www.twitch.tv/ateamgc  https://beam.pro/ateamgc or https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UC7j6EESKzR7v19G59Z_5XHw/live

How do I sign up for this event?

All you need to do is reply indicating that you plan on attending the event. In the same reply provide your Discord, Steam, Origin and possibly Uplay names and don't forget to suggest games you'd like to play.

MC - @DealLaRue18 

Hosts- @Iamthesaga @Smatchimo @Crimmy @09outlander

Also Streaming- @Eminencehwp03 @KodeTen @Subtitledgravy @DealLaRue18



To be determined. Only those signed up to attend the event are qualified to win any giveaways that may take place during the event and are subject to other rules depending on the giveaway.

Schedule of Events:

Stream will run from Noon to Midnight with Squanch starting us off and Kodeten ending the night. 

12-1:30 @Smatchimo Playing Deus X

1:30-3 @Subtitledgravy Playing Destiny

3-4:30 @09outlander Playing World of Warships

4:30-6 @DealLaRue18 Playing Golf With Friends/Dirt Showdown

6-7:30 @Crimmy Playing BF1

7:30-9 @Eminencehwp03 Playing FFXV

9-10:30 @Iamthesaga Playing GTA V Online

10:30-12 @KodeTen Playing Dead Space 3

Games Available for Giveaway:

Anomaly 2

Assasins Creed III

Back to Bed

Binary Domain

BiT Evolution

BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien


Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Choplifter HD


Curses N Chaos

Dark Scavenger

Deep Dungeons of Doom


Eisenwald: Blood Of November

Faeria Early Access Bundle

Frog Climbers

Goat Simulator

Guacamelee Complete


Gunmetal Arcadia Zero


Guns of Icarus Online Collectors Edition



Karma Incarnation I


Magicka 2

Mother Russia Bleeds


Neon Chrome

Not the Robots

Oozi: Earth Adventure



Project CARS



Jingle Jam Pack Rocket Riot

Saturday Morning RPG



SteamWorld Dig

Syder Arcade

Tales Across Time

Torchlight II

Toy Odyssey: The Lost and Found

Two Digits

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Crimmy    79

I'll be there. 

Down for BF1, BF4, Dirt Showdown, Golf with Friends, Portal Knights, ARK, WarHammer: Vermintide, Mother Russia Bleeds, Shadow Warrior 2, Drawful 2, & Sanctum 2. I think those are the main ones most of us have. 

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Smatchimo    6

I will be there with bells on. After my opener I will be tooling around in Portal Knights. More than likely a playing bit of Battleborn. I also plan to pop in on other streams.

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DJTrance    7

I'll be there, probably in the evening though! We have some errands to run about an hour or so away from us. But I'll be there and watching. Ya'll know who I am X3 DJTrance on Discord too. I'm a Mod :V lelele.

As for games I'd like to play with you guys, I'll probably just be watching/chatting. 

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