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iamApropos    206

What's Up Y'all!!?

Welcome to our community website but first let me tell you about who we are.

My online name is iamApropos so playing on the A in apropos I found it contextually apropos to call our community the Ateam adding gaming community just lets everyone know we game.  We don't care what hardware or even console you use to game, we just care you are a gamer!

The community was started by the community collected from friends, viewers, fans and more of my live twitch streams on 

http://www.twitch.tv/iamApropos and http://www.youtube.com/iamApropos 

Our Motto:

"We Don't Care if you use Blue (Intel), Green (Nvidia), or Red (AMD) Stop gaming alone and join the Ateam Gaming Community instead!"

This is our way of saying the above, we don't want hardware fanboyism we just want good people without hidden agenda's to come play games and enjoy gaming together.

We utilize Discord for our voice needs:


We as a community support many other people and communities included but not limited to:

Tek Syndicate! https://teksyndicate.com/

Our community is made up of people from all different other communities.  I do not make up the Ateam Gaming Community, we do, however I provide a focal point for us to center around.

What else do we do as a community? we help build up other people and communities by actively going out and showing support in gaming, live stream chats, comments on youtube videos and interactivity on social media.  

How do you spot another AteamGC member? KAPOW Abomb KAPOW is our trade mark intercommunication between members.

This is how we blow chat up and show our excitement to be together as members supporting each other.  

I encourage everyone to bring their friends, come join us in gaming and helping building up the community as well as watching great content from within the community.

This website will give us a center to find not only all of my content online but also all the content our community puts online from live streams to youtube videos to even reviews, blogs and more.

I can't wait to see you in chat or on social media dropping those KAPOW Abomb KAPOW !

Now That's What's Up!!! ~ Paul - iamApropos


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