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PAX South '16 & You!

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iamApropos    206

What's Up Y'all!!?


*UPDATE* Jan. 26th 2016

From all the votes and discussions it seems the best time for us to have our meet up is 12:30pm CST 

Lets start planning and I cant wait to see you there!



*UPDATE* Jan. 5th 2016

I wont be attending PAX South but if you are and would like to do a meet up with me for a meal lets start planning now.  


I think the Riverccenter Food Court is probably the best idea as it has tons of seating Ihop express available as well as Starbucks and free Wifi.  Also it is a very short walk from there to the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center. 
My suggestion would be Saturday Jan. 30th 2016 8:30am as PAX South doors don't open until 10am or 12:30pm for lunch.  Let me know if you have any alternative ideas.  Vote here: https://twitter.com/iamApropos/status/691724869352828932

Leave a reply on this forum thread with any suggestions.


PAX South 2015 was one heck of an awesome experience for me though many people from the community joined me as well as I met some amazing new friends that I hope to see again.  I'm curious who is planning to come to PAX South JAN 29-31 2016?


If you are coming to PAX South 2016 and would like to do a meet up please let me know!
I've not yet determined if I'll be able to attend PAX so I'll be holding off on purchasing tickets for now however I do live in San Antonio so if you plan to attend we could still schedule a Meet n Greet for those who would like to get together.

Keep in mind though its not as cold as some other places in the world, San Antonio during this time of year can be very chilly so make sure for those times you aren't inside the event that you have warm enough clothing. 
If you have any questions about my experience with PAX South or any tips you'd like to share yourself please add to the conversation.

Lets start planning this so if possible we can make this PAX South 2016 one of the most memorable for everyone involved!

Now That's What's Up!!!





the big RED X marks the entrance to PAX South.

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Skatch    2

Hey Paul,


Skatch here from WASDRadio.com We will be attending PAX South this year and would love to meet up with you!

I like the plans, sounds like a good central location.

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iamApropos    206
On 1/5/2016 at 2:18 PM, Tony-Tarcza said:

Looks legit to me, I am pumped and looking forward to this years PAX South 


On 1/25/2016 at 11:38 AM, Skatch said:

Paul I am good for what ever...Look forward to hanging out with you!

Seems like 12 /  12:30pm may be a more suitable time to do this meetup 

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