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iamApropos    206

Rules are simple but are needed to make sure everyone stays on the same page.

We don't care which hardware you use or where you choose to live stream or upload your online gaming content.

We only care that you are a good positive person who wants to help grow our community by gaming together.

Refrain from discussions of the following but aren't limited to:

Religion, Holidays, Politics, Birthdays, Fanboy discussions of any kind, No bullying, no passive aggressiveness, no disrespecting others.
If you are causing problems within the community and have been asked to stop by anyone and you do not there will be no other warning before you are completely removed and you will be banned from the website, gamevox and any other Ateam Gaming Community content.

No illegal activity will be tolerated

Please keep content contextual to our community and do not derail topics on the forums.
Moderators will have full determination of what is or isn't against the communities policies and or rules.

if you feel you've been wrongfully banned or your topic has been wrongfully removed please feel free to email full details of the situation to iamApropos@gmail.com

These rules may change at any given moment.
Lets help build each other up by supporting one another and gaming together!


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