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iamApropos    206

I'm going to be putting together a Skylake i5 6500 mini itx build with a sapphire r9 380 itx compact graphics card in it.

I'd like all of you to help me name it!




I can't wait to see the names you come up with!



**Build Name Entries**

@m2hmghb - WOMG Weapon of Mass Gaming

@Eminencehwp03 - Mini Nuke / Little Boy

@Psych0Gam3r - The Pebble

@AdamAnt81 - Cherry Bomb

@TheFrumpyTurtle - PeeWee

@Cellprocessing - Ncode   "this is your encoding box"

@Benjamin - Little Big Box

@Wyre - Gadget "The name of the first nuclear bomb" or "name it after the test" Trinity 

@Darknas99 - SkyRedLake Abomb Gaming PC

@GeekinDad - Matterhorn

@blindrun - Turncoat ;)

@Deken112 - Baby Boom

@MrCaptainA - Master Encoder (tenacious D reference)

@KGoto - Tiny pewner

@JKSoftware - Little ABOMB

@grimrpr6942 - Bomb-tastic

@Sean-[SPS] - Abomb Factory

@Adrianwarner777 - Banana Bomb




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Wyre    15

Gadget - The name of the first nuclear bomb detonated in the Arizona desert. Or you could name it after the test.... Trinity

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MrCaptainA    44

I feel like if it's gonna be your encoding machine, you should call it the master encoder... but I've got a bit of a thing for tenacious D and it just works for me.... you may diasagree, and that's ok, we can't all be right.... amiright?!

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