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    Here's a very quick and dirty post about using voicemeter banana as a software mixer. I've fully switched over to it and I'm really liking it, if you have screen real estate but not a hell of a lot of desk real estate and not sure if you want to shell out some money on a good mixer board, this is your next best option. So what's voicemeter? Check out their page: http://www.vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/banana.htm I am using voicemeter banana, so that's what this will be about. By the way, the software is DONATIONWARE! So it's basically free unless you want to donate. If you can, please support the devs of this software since it's pretty damn good! Once you have it downloaded and installed the fun setup begins, for the purposes of this tutorial I here is what I am using hardware wise: CAD u37 - (Hardware input 1) Main microphone Logitech G930 - ( Hardware input 2) Secondary microphone Primary output (A1) - Speakers (rear audio) Secondary output (A2) - G930 (USB) Tertiary output (A3) - SMSL DAC/AMP to headphones This is what my interface looks like right now with all inputs and outputs. Now for the windows portion of the setup. I have my vban set to a 2 part system. If you look at the screenshot you will see that I have "Voicemeter VAIO" set to my current output (A3) as well as "Voicemeter AUX). The reason I have it set this way is because I am using discord/voice communications as a totally different channel independent of the main audio source (desktop AKA VAIO). If you want a similar setup here's how you need to set up your windows sound options: THIS IS YOUR PLAYBACK DEVICES TAB: I have AUX split (which is Voicemeter AUX in the main interface screenshot.) This is your desktop audio. If you set it the way I have it you won't have to really worry about windows derping and doing whatever it wants to do, if you set it this way you are telling your system you want all audio managed and routed through VBAN which is EXACTLY what you want to do. THIS IS YOUR RECORDING DEVICES TAB: I am also splitting my inputs here as well. I recommend doing this otherwise windows will do whatever the hell it wants to your audio setup at any time. With these set as your defaults, you are forcing windows to default to voicemeter to control sound. Now let's talk about discord. I am not letting discord choose default devices because I have had windows (after an update) reset my settings and bork my discord settings. So follow this configuration to manually tell discord what to do: You can find these settings under "Voice". So there's the quick and dirty setup guide. I hope it's coherent, if it isn't, feel free to ask and I'll try to explain what I can from my experiences. PRO TIP: SAVE YOUR CONFIGURATION IN THE MENU! If you have your settings like you want it save it. That way if you make a change or have to reinstall, you won't lose your settings. Also, if you're streaming and your audio goes derp, or actually, if your audio ever goes derp, go to menu and restart audio engine. Works flawlessly even if you're streaming and you have to do it mid stream.