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    *** Congratulations to Crimmy for winning this giveaway! *** I've always felt the need to make what I offer available to everyone whether they have money or don't. Thats why once a month I give away a plushie abomb. But I wanted to go a step further this time since up until now shirts have only been available to those able to buy them. I want to give someone the ability to win a Black shirt with White Ateam Gaming Community Logo: https://teespring.com/ateamgcwhite Do you want to win this shirt? If so here is how you enter: 1. reply to this post with "Enter me to win this #AteamGC shirt" Include why you'd like to win this shirt. Its that simple. Depending on shipping costs I dont see why this giveaway has to be limited to any region. Winner will be announced on Jan 19th 2016 at Midnight with additional surprises! if you have any questions please let me know.
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    Hello Everyone. I am kaaipucca, I make Abomb plushies. Happily married to iamApropos and proud member of the #AteamGC. I usually hang out in Gamevox in the guildwars2 channel since it is the game I play the most, if you see me there don't hesitate to drop by and say KAPOW Abomb! <3
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    Oh, did I mention this system is being given away? NO?! How did I forget that part... STAY TUNED FOR DETAILS
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    Hi I'm coconutMNKY, I've been clean off the consoles for two years, but the current addiction is CSGO I appear on a certain youtube channel every now and then. But I'm usually spotted on twitch and gamevox hanging with peeps.... Also according to said peeps, most conversations usually end up about cars...
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    I'm Cellprocessing I help run a youtube channel called Final Save Point. We focus on PC Gaming and PC tech. I also stream on twitch at CellProcessing. Hello everyone.
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    **** THIS TOPIC IS CLOSED - Winner is @Wyre Congratulations!!! **** What's Up Y'all!!? As always I try and give away at least one plushie abomb every month to someone within the community. This time if you want to win a plushie abomb it comes with something a little extra! @TwiztidPixel has generously is giving away this computer to Decembers plushie abomb winner: The SpecsCPU: AMD Athlon X4 860K (Quad-Core 3.7ghz/4ghz Turbo)Motherboard: MSI A68HI AC FM2+ (Mini-ITX)Memory: HyperX Savage 8gb 1866 DDR3 (2x4gb)Graphics Card: Sapphire NITRO Radeon R7 370 2gbSSD: ADATA Premier 240gbHDD: WD Blue 1tbPower Supply: Corsair CX600M (600w)Chassis: Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITXOS: Windows 8.1 64-bit Here is how you enter to win. 1. Have an active account on the forums and post an introduction of yourself here: http://iamapropos.com/index.php?/forums/topic/9-introduction-thread/ 2. you must have at least 5 total posts on the forums including the introduction post. So be creative and start some topics or interact with topics that already exist. (small one sentence posts will not qualify they need to have substance to them.) 3. Reply to this thread and let us know why you want an abomb plushie AND why do you need this computer or how this computer will help you. If you want to enter to win make sure the reply starts with: "Enter me into this giveaway!" This giveaway is for the Ateam Gaming Community so we will not be posting it on our social media but we do encourage everyone to reach out to members of the AteamGC who may not be active on the forums and privately let them know about this. If you know anyone within our community who could really use this make sure they get over here and enter! Rules may change at any time and as far as we can tell this giveaway is not restricted to North America unless your country has some weird law against you winning free stuff. If you have any questions please feel free to ask! Huge thanks to @TwiztidPixel for providing the computer for the giveaway! The winner will be chosen December 19th so enter up, spread the word to other AteamGC members and lets see who wins this giveaway!!! Now That's What's Up!!!
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    Hello everyone! I'm CyberDustin and I've been playing video games since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I've been gaming on pc for about 3 years now and this is by far the best community I've ever been a part of. I am now streaming on Twitch here... http://www.twitch.tv/cyberdustin777 with a 3 day schedule but you never know when I may go live. I work 12 hours a day so I'm not around much during the week but I do keep active here... https://twitter.com/CyberDustin777 . Ya'll have a beautiful day and #GameOn. #AbombKAPOW #AteamGC #NowThatsWhatsUp
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    I'm Batman... No wait MaxCFM
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    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening boys and girls. I figured it would be a good idea to start an introduction thread. Just for new members to Say hi and talk a little bit about themselves. So I guess I'll get things going shall I? Hey! I'm MrCaptainA, but most folks just call me cap, unless you're one of my parents. I game on AMD hardware currently, but my previous build was intel/AMD. I can usually be found lurking around on Twitter: @MrCaptainA, and I'm always on Steam: MrCaptainA. If you're on Origin I'm, you guessed it... MrCaptainA, and on Battle.net I'm MrCaptainA#2585 I'm usually online and playing something, and I try to be in gamevox too in case you want to play something specific.
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    EDIT 3OCT2016: Folks while I have stopped streaming regularly I still try to stay on top of OBS Studio streaming options and settings and will absolutely help you troubleshoot your settings to get the best experience with your streaming service. Contact me in Discord. The past few weeks I've been focusing very hard on developing the highest quality stream within the constraints of my system. This post will be constantly updated as I find things not necessarily public knowledge to help increase the quality of your stream and give you tips & tactics to succeeding in this crazy world. Date last updated: 21JAN2016 A discussion on mindset. There are some streamers who want to do it simply to do it, they have no aspiration to "make it big" or any variation thereof and simply want to play some games for whoever will watch. There's nothing wrong with that, and please read on, but if you are such a streamer please frame everything I discuss in the context that I'm speaking to those wanting to achieve some degree of success be it Partner on Twitch, effectively monetizing YouTube, whatever. First, ask yourself why you want to become a live streamer. If at any time you said to yourself "Hey he's just playing a game and raking in money and fame for it, I can do that." STOP. About face, walk away. Streaming will crush you. What I mean is there is a very distinct difference between "just playing a game" and being an entertainer. I'd wager a large percentage of gamers play their games while staring blankly at the screen. Maybe occasionally laughing or commenting (to themselves) about what's happening. If you think it's as easy as "just read a chat while playing" Then you're in for a shock as to the response you get, or lack thereof. It's difficult for me to describe the composition that makes a successful streamer what he/she is. If you watch the top talents of live streaming you'll notice it's not exactly something that's easily defined, and it can come and go. You'll have good days, weeks, months, years, and bad days, weeks, months, careers, but the bottom line is to succeed in this business you need to be an effective combination of tech geek, gamer, and entertainer. You have to develop that special knack to make light of any situation and inject positivism into your persona so it projects out and draws in others. It's work. An awful lot of it. Being a live streamer talent doesn't stop when you punch that "Stop Streaming" button. You need to constantly refine yourself, research things that you feel you're weak at, practice, upgrade equipment you feel is shortcomings in your system, adjust lighting, manage social media, adjust your background (or tweak the green screen), manage social media some more, realize your channel art sucks, fix it, realize it sucks more now, manage social media, network, chat with other live streamers, trade notes, manage social media, manage it more, realize that you still have to pretend you have a real life, go outside, and manage social media. Let's talk tech & settings: I stream using the latest version of OBS MultiPlatform 64-Bit Kodeten's Suppressed BattleBox MSi GAMING 970 AMD FX-8370 (4.4GHz Boost Clock) 16GB (4x4GB) Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR3 SAPPHIRE R9-Fury 4GB HBM Samsung 840 EVO 120GB (System Disk) Seagate Barracuda 750GB HDD (Personal Files) Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD (Game Drive) Fractal Design EDISON-M 750W Gold PSU Fractal Design DEFINE R5 KodeTen's SpeedTest Different systems will encounter different results, this is very much a process of working within your system constraints. My Setting Screens, and explanations: SINGLE BOX STREAMING Streaming and gaming on the same box is entirely possible, it just has a few nuances that need to be accounted for, anything that will assist in taking load off the CPU will be used, here's a look at my settings for Single-boxing: Output Screen Audio Track: 1 No reason to change this, just increases the amount of Audio Tracks being recorded for later editing. If you stream only, this has no use. Encoder: Intel Quick Sync H.264 Encoder This was actually a major breakthrough and shared with me by Sinzia and PunkPoets during one of my troubleshooting streams. Intel Quick Sync is a technology that leverages the Integrated GPU (iGPU) on most Consumer Intel SKUs to perform video encoding. If you're using a discreet GPU (Most gaming machines are) then you can bet your iGPU has spent most of it's life sleeping. OBS MP has the API to allow for it to use the iGPU to perform encoding, which has resulted in a 25% decrease in CPU usage while live. AMDs FX Line doesn't have integrated graphics, If you are using an AMD APU, unfortunately there isn't yet an option to utilize the on-board GPU to encode, HOWEVER, if you've crossfire'd the APU with an AMD GPU, it is possible to leverage that technology using AMD VCE (Video Coding Engine) which utilizes an encoding ASIC on the AMD GPUs to perform encoding. I haven't yet checked to see if it results in a measurable load on the GPU, it may not, in which case the APU wouldn't be utilized anyway. Enforce Streaming Service Encoder Settings Checked, unchecked, doesn't really matter, I focus on setting my OBS within the constraints of the ingest server and my machine anyway so this doesn't really matter. I just turned i ton while writing this guide so I'll update with benefits if any. Rescale Output This is actually a very crappy "pre-encoder" Downscale that results in very distorted output. Uncheck and forget it exists. Profile: High Expected Encoding Profile by Hitbox. My dashboard yells at me if I'm set to anything else. This is more of a "Your OBS talking to their Transcoding engine" Keyframe Interval (seconds): 2 Once again a setting demanded by most Streaming services. There's a very technical explanation for Keyframes. Just set it to 2. Rate Control: CBR Every streaming service I know of demands CBR (Constant BitRate) control. Doesn't make sense to me as being able to ramp bitrate up and down would be more efficient on processor and bandwidth but it's their house. Bitrate: 2500 You're limited here by a number of things as a Non-Partner. Your Upload speed is the primary. Since my Upload speed is around 5 I'm actually using half of my available upstream at 2500 MBps. The other half is available downstream of your viewers. As a non-partner you're limited to Source encoding or "What you see is what you get" So to watch a 2500 Bitrate stream you'd have to have a connection that can downstream at minimum 3Gbps or 3000 Kbps. I know, this is 2016 and everyone should be able to download well faster than that but it's not really the case. For whatever reason Hitbox can deliver higher bitrate streams to more people with less issues than Twitch, as a non-partner on Twitch i regularly streamed at a 1500 bitrate, anything higher and too many viewers would buffer out. On Hitbox the minimum is 2000. Video Screen Renderer: Direct3D 11 Direct3D is the more efficient Capture method on Windows machines. OpenGL is a distant second but necessary if you're a weirdo capturing on Mac or Linux. Base (Canvas) Resolution: 1920x1080 Set to the base resolution of your desktop. Output (Scaled) Resolution: 1280x720 This is an "After encoder" Downscale and much more clear and efficient. plus we have a lot more control over the method of downscale. Set this to 540p (960x540) if you're non-partner on Twitch. As a Partner without Transcoding options on Hitbox I run 720p. Downscale Filter: Bicubic This is one of the big things to help with quality of your downscale stream. Experiment with this to find the sweet spot of quality to processing power requirements. FPS Values This is another quality setting, For non-Partnered Twitchers I'd stick to 30 FPS streaming, on my end I can run up to 60. This is going to depend a lot on your processing power. 60FPS crushed my i5 until I figured out to offload encoding to the iGPU, even then I still run 75-80% usage while playing and streaming. Beam.pro Notes I love Beam.pro, I think it's a better streaming service than any other in terms of community and technology, and it is the officially endorsed streaming platform for the ATGC. That said, there are some notes to consider. Tachyon: FTL vs. RTMP Beam has released their own re-write of OBS (labeled Tachyon) To engage with OBS' FTL Streaming service. FTL allows for an unprecedented sub-second latency between streamer and viewer, it allows you to communicate with your audience in real-time, but it has it's caveats. I'm going to go on record and say that I do not use or recommend FTL at this time. While, as a service, it's concept is amazing, it's still not completely 100% there, or user-friendly to engage with. That said, using standard OBS Studio and engaging Beam's RTMP Servers leads to a very respectable 2-6 second delay between the streamer and their audience. The bottom line is while FTL is cool, I personally use and recommend Beam's RTMP service due to ease of connection, and the fact that the latency for Beam's "lesser" connection method still beats the pants off it's competitors. More to come.
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    Ladies and gentlemen; As I'm sure you have all seen iamApropos' recent announcement regarding his streaming career and time at the head of the ATeamGC. (Click the link for those of you who have no idea what I'm on about.) I'm going to make this message short, sweet, and to the point, as those of us on the Admin side of the house for this community have a lot of work to do regarding this all, but I want you all to know that this is not going to affect your experience with the A-Team Gaming Community. Speaking from very personal experience, I know exactly what it is that Paul is going through right now. I want you all to understand that he did not take this decision lightly (We admins had some advance warning on this and I will tell you he agonized over it.) but at the end of it, Paul had to do what is best for his health and his family. As we understand it, the current expectation that we have is Paul is on an extended break in order to get his affairs back under control after some major life events have just occurred. It's entirely plausible and expected that he will return, that return just won't be happening in the immediate future. So what's that mean for us? Put it on pause and wait it out, or go our separate ways until el Capitan returns to pilot the boat? Hell no! The Administration team of the ATeamGC has been working with Paul over these past few weeks and we are fully prepared to keep driving forward with this awesome community we have all worked to build. We've been reaching out to vendors and influencers and I assure you it's a great time to be involved with us. We may not have IamApropos conducting his regular streams, but that does not mean we as the ATeamGC are going to dissolve and die off. We've worked too hard and created too strong of bonds for that. The community leads are working together to put together a streaming program we can all support as members of this community. Yes, Paul needs to take a break, we respect that and we expect you all to respect that, we also want to carry on because the ATGC is it's own animal with it's own momentum. This is our personal belief as your administration team here. So Keep Calm and Carry On! It's a great time to be a gamer and the future of ATGC is gonna be even greater. We promise. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Community leadership team: KodeTen | KGoto | MaxCFM | Eminencehwp03 | DealLaRue18 | Arkcry
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    The ATeam gaming community is like another family to me. There are so many of us from different backgrounds and ways of life. Sure, some of us can get a little out of hand with weird jokes and what not, but that's what is known as "the spice of life." I have met so many different people here. I was introduced to the ATeam by my father talking about it to my brother and I, which sparked me to want to join and meet you all. I'm glad I did because just recently graduated high school my whole group of friends has partially dispersed to many areas of life so I'm left feeling kind of empty and alone but with you guys I can feel whole again. You all inspire me to stream some day and follow my dreams of contributing to gaming reviews and other things. You all mean so much to me, so if you ever stream and you see me in the chat, expect to hear me get the audience hyped and say social media links for you when mentioned. I will also do my best to request songs if you have it enabled on Nightbot. I will do whatever I can to help you guys during your streams to show you how much you have helped me and my family find a wonderful community. To the ATeam and all the great times to come, KAPOW ABOMB KAPOW - BTOptimizer (Bethany)
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    I used to be a forum crawler over at fpsbanana, had a good few friends, met some cool people but it kinda died for me. Being pretty much depressed most of the time to the point that I don't want to play games or anything. So I got into their IRC but that died. So fast forward a bit, I started watching youtube, saw paul on tech talk and seeing him kinda felt like I found a friend instantly. Kinda like the "love at first sight" feeling but minus the whole "I'ma spoon with you with my rod later". So I came in and followed and bam! I was hooked, literally getting welcomed by KAPOW ABOMB KAPOW was amazingly special and that's what kept me coming back at that point. It was fun, it was funny and it made me feel like I'm welcome. Then I started hanging out more, doing voice stuff, hell I even bought my wife and I good microphones just to hang out. One thing led to another and I was asked to be a mod. And then it snowballed from there. Fast forward to today and not only does it feel like I made some awesome friends but I found my calling. I have workmates that I deal with at work, but they aren't really friends. I have a few people that are friends in real life but they've pretty much fallen off the face of the earth. So I'm left with nobody, and being antisocial I can't just go outside and make more friends. So here's where the GC comes in. I had nothing, and nobody but my wife's side of the family. And now I've got all of you. While I may be direct and because of being an admin I may have gotten on your case about something, it's because I didn't take this position for just having power. I took it so I can help maintain the peace and help make this community better. So hopefully when people get called out by me they understand it's not because I'm power tripping, but it's because I don't want to see them go and miss out. This community means a lot to me. And I will do every damn thing I can to make it better and make it grow. I wrote that the same day the thread was created, here's some new things I can add: Being with the ateam sort of gives me a purpose. Yeah I may not game much, and when I do I'm crap at it, but that's not what I feel like I'm here for. I'm here for support. I'm here to help and answer questions, help moderate streams, help admin the voice servers and website. It's a lot of responsibility, but you know what? For me I don't deserve this awesome community without giving back in one of the only way I know how to. I like doing the support role, even if it means not gaming, because in the end, I can come home and get online and always be amused and entertained and always have someone to talk to about whatever randomness I can think of at that time. Hopefully that all makes sense grammatically and all, it's really late at night and I've had quite a few drinks. </rambling>
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    Man, I've been part of the ATEAM for ages now. Somewhere around 3 years now. Little bit of a backstory. I have never had many friends or people I can talk to IRL. Usually my free time would be spent browsing the internet or trying to find interesting games to play, mostly single-player because I couldn't stand the people that would play multiplayer games. One day I got tired of my crap laptop, and decided that I wanted to build a PC myself. I saw a channel by the name of Jayztwocents had very interesting PC builds, so I subscribed. A few days later, I got a notification that he was live, doing Tech Talk, with Paul. That show was one of the only times I've laughed so hard that I nearly pissed myself. The humor and the general amazing-ness that emanated from Paul was something else, so I subscribed to him. When I followed him on Twitch, I got nuked to all hell by the comparably small community he had around him then. It was the best damn welcome anyone has ever given me. The ATEAM feels more like home than any place I have been. Thank you. TL;DR I have no friends
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    I really enjoy the fact that there is a strong group of like-minded gamers here and I am glad to be a part of it. I first saw Paul on Tech Talk, just like @AdamAnt81, decided to drop in on a Twitch stream, got ABOMBed by all in chat and I haven't looked back. The experience only grew with the Discord App; seeing the level of interaction among the group is amazing!
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    *** ANNOUNCEMENT *** ***** The live broadcast portion of this event is canceled but the event will still continue as planned in GameVox ***** To go along with our motto "Stop Gaming Alone" we've started a once a month game day. Previous event: http://iamapropos.com/index.php?/forums/topic/151-april-monthly-game-day-event/ What is the Community Game Day Event? The community game day is a scheduled day of gaming in which people who want to participate sign up and suggest games they'd like to play with others. This allows people to know that one day a month during specific hours a list of people want to play games. We gather together centralized in the Ateam Gaming Community GameVox and play games together. The Event is hosted live on twitch.tv/iamApropos in which all announcements and giveaways will take place. In case iamApropos can not host the event live participants are still encouraged to meet in gamevox and enjoy the day gaming together without the live broadcast. This event is being hosted by iamApropos and the Ateam Gaming Community we'll have the event centrally focused on one iamApropos twitch channel to make things easier for coordinating the event, announcements and giveaways. If people wish to live broadcast the event that is fine but they will need to use their own specific broadcast channel in gamevox, if you'd like to plan on broadcasting the event please contact an admin to have your room created if it isn't already. The live broadcast is to allow everyone who can't participate in the event to be able to still enjoy being part of the community activity. Though it is appreciated that everyone enjoys socializing we will try to have specific individuals throughout the day plan to head up starting gaming activities / groups. New to this event: ***** TheCulling tournament is postponed until further notice ***** We'll be hosting our first FFA Tournament in TheCulling sign ups are here: http://iamapropos.com/index.php?/forums/topic/166-ateamgc-theculling-ffa-tournament-1/ When is the Community Monthly Game Day Event!? The Ateam Gaming Community Monthly Game Day Event is to be held the 2nd Saturday of every month. Next Game Day Event is scheduled here: How does the Community Game Day Event work? The forum post will allow people to sign up indicating who and how many people plan to attend. Also when you sign up you can suggest which games you'd like to play during this event. By suggesting games that you'd like to play it'll allow others who also may be interested to download the games ahead of time.How long will each Game Day Event last? We'll plan for the event to last 12 hours from 12pm CST until 12am CSTWho is able to participate? This event is not limited to only the Ateam Gaming Community. We welcome anyone to join the event and stop gaming alone! You never know who may show up and game as we've had surprise V.I.P.'s jump in and game from time to time.Where will everyone meet? For people interested in gaming we will be utilizing the Ateam Gaming Community Gamevox for this event: http://www.gamevox.com/RFHQ-Y67 For those who want to watch the event live: ***** The live portion of this event is canceled but the event will still continue as planned in GameVox ***** http://www.twitch.tv/iamApropos How do I sign up for this event? All you need to do is reply to this post with "I plan on attending the event". In the same reply provide your Gamevox, Steam, Origin and possibly Uplay names and don't forget to suggest games you'd like to play. Now Thats What's Up!!! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Participants: Host - iamApropos Kaaipucca CyberDustin Eminencehwp03 SoulJionD Kas Nagant Torthak Crimmy sabah70 RoninLA Psych0Gam3r TorrentialTech 09outlander Distriktt HotRodNerd DealLaRue18 AdamAnt81 Chosenofthor 09outlander Osirez The Atomic Ass NurseNeeners RikkiBobbi
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    You'll have to pay me first! Yeah I'll be there
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    I thought I'd introduce myself I have never really joined a community like this before, but I thought I'd give it a go! I'm 27, from South Wales (UK) and I love to game, I dabble in Photography and also some art, along with looking after my horses and various other animals. My music interests are mainly heavy metal and all it's sub genres and 80s/90s music and practically anything that sounds good to me I'm into Gothic bit's and bobs (Clothing, music, makeup, decor, the latter) I play regularly! My main games are Battlefield 4, CS:GO and TF2 I am quite shy (Unless drink is involved) but I do have some very colourful language (Which I can curb as I know it's not everyone's cup of tea ) I have a Twitch - http://www.twitch.tv/nurseneeners (Currently I don't stream much because our internet is a bit rubbish Stream-wise, but should be sorted some time this year) Twitter - https://twitter.com/NiNo89 And my Instagram (I post a lot of photos of my animals, and I when I say animals, I mean, a heck of a lot of cats! Hehe) - https://www.instagram.com/nurseneeners/ If these links aren't allowed, then I apologise! Let me know and I can remove them
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    hi im exo i live in tasmania where we have all the seasons in 1 day along with everything trying to kill you. i love playing games started out with runescape then league of legends quit that and now guild wars 2 been playing since the very first day.
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    <walks into the room> "Hello Everybody, I am here."
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    Now that I got that taken care of, time to seat the motherboard! As previously mentioned, I decided to go with an All-In-One watercooler, so the next thing to do was mount the radiator and fan to the nifty little bracket that slides out of the Evolv ITX. I used a pull configuration for ease of cleaning the radiator when the time comes. Before sliding the radiator into the case, I need to install the power supply and get some cables ran so I don't run into clearance issues later! That should do for now, let's get this rad fitted. Next thing to do is mount the water block and run all of the cables associated with it. I think the best course of action from here is to get the storage devices installed and get some cable management done. So I will do just that. We're just about done with the hardware aspect of the build, folks. The best part should always come last, right? Let's get this GPU installed! The only thing left is to check POST, and then we can get into the real fun. I apologize for the image quality here.
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    Hi y'all, Kamil here, AKA `Kamego` (find me on Twitter/YT). I'm a recently reformed lurker looking to give back to some communities and support others. I used to be heavily into gaming right up until my daughter was born and am trying to get my wings back underneath me (she's 19 months old, by the way). I build PC's, do some web development, shoot/edit video, writing, advertising, graphic stuff... Jack of all trades: Master of none. All other time I've began diverting into playing games and hanging out with peeps online. Thanks for having me!
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    I am "The Other Computer Guy". I will soon be streaming with thecomputerguy. I also build systems as a hobby and lurk in everyones Gamevox servers when I can.
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    Hello, I'm The Computer Guy and run "The Computer Guy" company in St. Louis, MO. I do some streaming on twitch to help the Sapphire Nation Extra Life. Hit me up if you'd like to join and thanks for having me.
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    boobies.. that is all..
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    Oh hell. 12 hours of shenanigans. Sign me up....Wait.
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    I'm definitely going to freaking be there!
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    I'll be there. Able to stream as well
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    Fuckin' first Also, yes I'll be there. Lurking and operating the matrix.
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    Hello there! RAbbi here. Found Crimmy's Battleborn stream, and now here I am as well. About ME? Oh, yeah... Let's see. Joined the Army at 17, back in 1991. Retired a couple years ago, in 2013. Bounced around a LOT. Bosnia, Albania, Afghanistan. Korea (twice), Germany, Hood, Bragg, Hunter AAF, Eustis a couple times, Sill. Started in teh reserve for a couple years, finished in the guard (WV), spent some 15 years in between full-time. Got a BA from WVU in Russian Language. Some time in grad school at Ohio State studying Slavic Literature & Culture, and teaching first-year Russian. Now I work at WVU. Divorced, one daughter (18, about to become a freshman at Colorado State), a couple stepkids about to start 9th grade here in Morgantown, WV. Love me some FPS video games. Played the original Wolfenstein3D, DooM (all incl. N64), Delta Force 1-3, Ghost Recon (best tactical FPS EVER!), BF2, CoD-MW, GR:AW/AW2, ArmA 1-2, FEAR 1-3, the entire Borderlands franchise, MechWarrior Online, Battleborn, about every Splinter Cell (through DA) and Rainbow Six (through 3 or Raven Shield, whichever was last). And some other stuff, I'm sure, that I've neglected there. So. That's a little bit about me. Also, I work 2-10pm Eastern Mon-Fri, and about every second or third Saturday (hours are VERY variable), and so in another week or two I'm going to go ghost on Twitch. But the overtime is very welcome right before the holidays!
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    Hey all, I am The Saga...or Frank (it's not my fault) Whatever. I'm a husband and a father of two. Live in the Chicagoland area. I am newish to PC gaming. Played way, way back in the day. Then some consoles. Now on PC. I work in the tech field at a school district. I love chatting with people and just having a good time playing games. If I'm not doing that, I'm working on recording music with other people because it's more fun to collaborate with others in my opinion. I came across the ATeamGC by way of Twitter. Saw some posts and retweets with the hash tag and I looked it up. Came into the Discord during the initial launch week. Loved it ever since. So many great people, conversations and generosity here it is unbelievable. Love this family.
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    I was once a social butterfly of sorts. Most of you have seen that side of me now. I like cracking jokes, poking fun, having a laugh, singing songs and making toasts. Most of that was buried by 1000 pound walls of bullshit a long time ago. Newlywed, followed by fifty-four months on and off of warzones....it changes you. Old me was buried. And it stayed buried for a long, long time. I found solace in doing what I've done since the early 80's...escaping all the bullshit and anxiety by living vicariously through characters in video games. My wife suffered. My kids suffered. My family suffered. And I never cared. As long as I was in my happy space eventually, safely behind a keyboard or controller lost in my world of getting loots and shooting people in the face. That was my escape, all alone with the few I considered friends in a game I was obsessed with. Years went by of said friends bailing on games to go attend to streams or events I cared very little to attend. And then Paul brought the stream to me, in my game. Line in the sand didn't just get crossed, it got erased. Buried in tears of joy, aching abs from the laughing fits of the night before with memories and jokes only we who experienced would ever understand. I learned that it's ok to knock down a few walls, open myself up to random nerds who share the same passion I have. Getting loots and shooting people in faces. In doing so, it directly affected my family. Suddenly I was more willing to do things I fucking hated doing before. Being around people....pffft. It still sucks a bit, but nowhere near as much as it did before. This community helped me get back to me in more ways than you nerds will ever understand. Three or four years ago I would have pulled a gun on you for trying to livestream me. Now I'm a streamer. Take that for what it's worth. This ride has been more therapeutic for me personally than any prescribed nonsense I've attempted in the past eight years. As some have seen, I'll defend this community like my own blood. There's a reason for that. I'm not here for the viewers, the donations, the followers. I know why I'm here. And now so do you. Fuckin nerds.
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    It isn't a stretch to say that the AteamGC has saved my life. here's a little of my back history... I lost a son in 2008 at 4 months old for still unknown reasons. which put me in a downward spiral in to depression. then in 2014 I when to the hospital with chest pains only to find out that it was caused by a tumor the size of a softball in the middle of my back. Because of the tumor I had quit my job. Not being able to work I felt worthless because I could no longer help provide for my family....Depression got worse. I had the Tumor removed in feb of 2015. And a couple months later I discovered Paul on an episode of TechTalk with Jay and Jerry. I thought this guy seems cool so I looked him up ( not hard he propos on every thing). After hearing Paul's story and the health issues he deals with and is still such a wonder happy person it made me take a look at everything I still have and has done wonders for my depression. Also if it wasn't for the AteamGC and one member particularly I would not be able to Join in on the fun and game with you guys because I could never afford the awesome system on my own. Just want say I truly Love the AteamGC and each one of its members! Sorry for the sob story and bad grammar
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    What the ATeamGC means to me? Well, it means a lot to put it simply. I came across the community first on Twitter seeing the hash tag on random posts. I didn't think anything of it as it was Twitter and that just happened there. One day not too long ago, I saw Paul post a link to the new Discord server. I just had signed up for it so I thought I would look into it. Here I found a group of people from all over the globe. Some related. Some friends. All were a. Family though. The way each of them interacted with one another showed history even though they may have never met face to face. This seemed like something I can be a part of. I joined right on in to conversations about topics that were of the same interest's as mine. I don't get to do this very often at all from home or in a face to face manner as I don't live or work directly with people of similar interests. The ATGC took me in as one of their own. Almost immediately they showed their generosity and willingness to help wherever they can. It is so great to see this here and hopefully I can reciprocate it in the future where I can. I love talking with everyone here as often as I can. Discord really is a huge help to that matter. My wife constantly tells me "Who do you keep taking to on your phone all the time?" When I tell her about 30 different people at a given time, she doesn't truly understand. Needless to say, I really enjoy being here and for all that the members do to support one another. I hope to get into some possible streaming in the future once I get it all situated and I know the ATeam Gaming Community will be there to help along he way. KAPOW Frank "The Saga" Arena
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    Contacting companies can be very difficult and stressful, I'm no expert but here is what I have learned works. Before I talk about how to do it, lets just go over some things you should think about before you even consider contacting them. Do not contact a company for a product for review for your youtube channel if you don't have any videos up. They are investing money and time in your channel when they send you something. They're not just handing out products like Oprah. They want to be shown that giving you the product is going to benefit them. If you don't have any videos up how do they know you can hold a camera, edit, review products, and that you even know anything about it. Always contact them correctly. Don't contact tech support or any other branch of the company. It can be hard to find the press contact but there always is one. Don't tell them how old you are, I know it seems normal to start a letter off saying "My name is ____ and I am ____." but don't. They don't need to know that and probably don't care. There are some essential things they want to know before they give you a product. Always remember to link them your channel and/or website. They'll want to know what you want, how long it will take, how you plan to format the video, ect. Make sure that you are firm and are specific about what you want, but don't act cocky or talk down to them. Keep them up to date. That doesn't mean you have to tell them everything you do when making it. But if something happens they need to know, like for example if you get sick and will be late, tell them. Lastly of course, when it's finished email them a link to it. I always find it best to run it by them before making it public just in case you make a mistake. Hope you guys found this helpful, be sure to check out FractalJosh on twitch and twitter, because I learned all of this from him. -EthansTech Leave any questions you have in the replies and I'll answer as best as I can!
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    It was definitely the best LMAO listening to hubby laugh and combining it with NurseNeeners laugh and crimmeh's "this is the most Caucasian thing I have done in my Caucasian life" was beyond hilarious ROFL!!!!
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    3rd year anniversary of ending the year together! When? Thursday Dec 31 2015 From 8pm CST until 10pm CST (Age restrictions do not apply during these hours.) 0pm CST - 2am CST (21+ must be 21 or older to join voice / video chat) Where? http://www.twitch.tv/iamApropos Who? I invite anyone in the community who is willing to be on camera to join me on the private google hangout and you need to be prepared. How to prepare? 1. Best game of 2015 & Biggest let down game of 2015 2. Worst moments of 2015 & Best moments of 2015 3. What are you looking forward to in 2016 (Events, games, life?) Your choice: a. Tell a story or b. Tell a joke or c. Sing a song you can do all three or just one but you need to be prepared. We will try to go by first come first serve however if a VIP shows up you may be asked to allow them to cut in line. Lets end the year with a BANG and start the new one with an even bigger explosion! Now That's What's Up!!!
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    Hello everyone! Systems Admin, Tech Enthusiast, Overclocker (WARNING: I void warranties). Enjoy watching Paul stream, and gaming in general.
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    Love how the legendary bunny ears are you avatar. Pretty sure your spirit animal is a Drop Bear.
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    Due to life and circumstances out of my control. This was my PC made for me by Distriktt.
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    Heyo folks. I'm Crimson/Crimmy. Introduced to this place via Kai or as I know her Xochilt in Guild Wars 2. I'd love to say that I play all kinds of games....but I only stray away from the the Guild Wars franchise if I'm overseas and/or without internet access. I'm no builder, I'm no spec warrior, but I am specialized in having a blast & making the best of things for the most part. And sadly....as the resident beer consumer in our GW2 group....I missed every damn Sloshed Saturday to date. I have over a decade in the Army and I've been around the world 4 flights short of how many fingers and toes most of us have. Retiring soon & looking forward to never shaving again....wife aggro pending. To those that I've met & chatted with...you folks are awesome. I'm in the IT field, but an extreme introvert. This community alone swayed me into getting on Twitter for the first time since ever just to show my support. Keep doing what you do folks. It's awesome. GLHF, cyas around.
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    Benchmarking I will be honest before I get into the benchmarks, I went in expecting little out of this system. I fully expected to be running games at Medium settings in order to hit at least 30fps. This system then proceeded to make a fool out of me. First, I ran AIDA64. This wasn't so much to test the stability of the system, but to test the capability of the system to keep itself cool. The system has two 140mm Thermaltake Riing fans (one front, one rear) and one 120mm Thermaltake Riing on top, which is coupled to the H80i GT. All fans are kept quiet with Low Noise Adapters, sitting at about 900rpm. Even still, the impressive temps are as follows: Ambient Room Temp: 26C CPU Temp Idle: 34C CPU Temp Load (2 hours of AIDA64): 44C The next thing I tested was more just for fun and not really a benchmark per se. I simply wanted to see how quickly the system was able to go from being completely off, to booting up and being usable. The system has Steam, Origin and Corsair Link which are all set to launch at startup and was able to snap into action in under 20 seconds. Finally, this is where the system made me eat my words. When I started benchmarking games, I expected to have to bump it down to Medium. But just for fun I ran my first benchmark on High, and was pleasantly surprised. **All games were run with VSync off and were loaded from the mechanical HDD** Bioshock Infinite [High Preset, 1080p]: MIN=29.82 AVG=86.9fps [Very High Preset, 1080p]: MIN=22.78fps AVG=78.15fps [Ultra Preset (no DOF), 1080p]: MIN=11.73 AVG=62.89fps GTA V [All Advanced Settings Off, 1080p]: MIN=13.91fps AVG=41.28fps Metro Last Light [High, 4X Texture Filtering, PhsyX Off, 1080p]: MIN=12.77fps AVG=63.33fps Tomb Raider [High, FXAA, 8X Texture Filtering, 1080p]: MIN=80fps AVG=101.3fps [Ultra, FXAA, 16X TF, Tessellation, 1080p]: MIN=52fps AVG=67.7fps [Ultimate, FXAA, 16X TF, Tess., TressFX Hair, 1080p]: MIN=30fps AVG=41.7fps Battlefront [High, FXAA Low, 1080p]: MIN=*Could Not Establish A MIN* AVG=59.76fps Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor [High, 1080p]: MIN=33.88fps AVG=60.64fps [Very High, 1080p]: MIN=26.82fps AVG=56.02fps [Ultra, 1080p]: MIN=13.25fps AVG=45.64fps Firestrike 1.1 (Full): SCORE=4381 Unigine Valley [High, 1080p]: MIN=17fps AVG=47fps --------------------- As you can see in some games, I kept turning up the heat trying to bog the system down, and it just kept laughing at me. The conclusion here is obvious; this is a fantastic and very capable system. The Radeon R7 370 is no slouch and should be taken seriously when shopping for a graphics card. Final Thoughts Now that the system is built and has proven itself throughout my testing, I will leave you with some thoughts I have about the build and the parts that went into it. Things I Liked: -As usual, Corsair's All-In-One watercooler was easy to install. This was my first time installing one into and AMD system and it was a piece of cake. It also does an incredible job keeping this 95w CPU under control. -HyperX Savage memory looks fan-freakin-tastic! Some of the best looking memory I've seen in a while. -Plenty of room in the Evolv ITX, this is the second time I've built in one of these and it is always a pleasure. -Thermaltake's Riing line of fans are the perfect balance between aesthetics, acoustics and performance. -The 860K and R7 370 are a match made in heaven, they work quite well together. Things I Didn't Like: -The layout on this motherboard doesn't make much sense in some areas, the locations of some headers seems like some kind of sick joke. -The front panel header is not labelled on the board. Again, because of the layout, they didn't have any room to print microscopic letters around the FPH. -Only two fan headers. One CPU and one System. I get it, it's a small board, but that is not a good enough excuse. -The stock cooler that came with the 860K is an absolute joke. AMD should be embarrassed. -The plastic racks that hold the 3.5" drives do not lock into place securely enough. When "locking" the drive rack into place, it can easily be pushed even more forward. This allows potential for the HDD to be rocked back and forth in the bay during transport. This is a small form factor case after all, people will be using this for LAN events. We all know it doesn't take much to knock a hard drive out of commission. Thank you so much for joining me on this wonderful project. I hope you enjoyed the read!
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    Hey Guys and Gals by now most of you know me or of me, But here goes anyway. My Name Is Adam_Ant81 or just Adam. I have been a member of the AteamGC for about a year or so. I am New to PC gaming but have always been a gamer. Due to health issues I am a Stay at home dad to 3 daughters ages 13, 9 and a 15 months old. I support the members of the ATeamGC in any way I can. I have created a few of Pauls FrankerFaces emotes for his Twitch stream. I can usually be found in Gamevox. But I can always be found on twitter. I have started occasionally streaming at http://www.twitch.tv/adam_ant81 . I am also one of the Newest Recipients of a Classic Abomb.
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    What's Up Y'all!!? Thanks to @DJHarrison we are going to ask the community to design a TWIBBON for us to wear on twitter! The Ateam Logo example: Lets see your artistic side come out and we'll have the community vote at the end of the month. Now That's What's Up!!!
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    Hey Folks, just me dropping in, I've been around on Iamapropos twitch channel and I'm slowly spreading my internet wings. #Ateam #Weaponsco #Grimmgamers #Sapphirenation I'm a Modder at heart, and a gamer by virtue, gotta test those mods somehow
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    Good, because we need someone to watch over as we drop ABOMBS!!! And also throw up our #SapphireNation hand signs... once we figure out what they are... WATCH OUT!!!
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    Hi im sean, im a computerholic
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    That's what the community is here for. I've seen you support many people's wild endeavors to be Youtubers, gamers, livestreamers, and generally attention whores. No matter how stupid the pursuit may have been . You and your son have always been standup guys in the community for the years I've known both of you and have always shown what good people look like. I'm happy to have met you and becomes friends more then anything else. Showing our support as a friend goes through a rough time in his life is the very least I (we) could do. Always know that you have our continued support, which pales in comparison to the support you've shown us, and that we're here for you like an extended dysfunctional family. Love and support from the Malott family and the Linux Tech & Gaming idiots.
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    Hey ya'll I'm sabah70 and would like to thank you all for welcoming me to the Ateam
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