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  1. Monthly Game Day Event


    Where did everybody go see you soon
  2. June Game Day Event

    Will see you then Abomb Kapow
  3. ATeam 4nnivers4ry Stream

    i'll be there
  4. How does one VoicemeterBanana?

    you need obs settings too
  5. March Community Game Day Event

    i'll be there and maybe in discord to
  6. February Game Day Event

    I will be there
  7. January GameDay Event

    im in
  8. On the start of this new year i would like to wish everyone on AteamGC a prosperous year and to Paul our love and prayers are with you,We miss you.

  9. What is the Ateam Gaming Community to you?

    As most of you know i don't say much in game or in chat,so this is difficult for me. Why did i join the A-teamGC. The simple answer is i saw Paul on techtalk and decided to follow him but that is only why i joined.Now why did i stay,First off a little back story on me,as with a lot of people in the community i am disabled and a little broken,I do not get out much as walking around the block leaves me in massive pain,so i got lost in Gaming to cope with the pain.I was at a point before the A-team that Gaming was getting boring so the pain was coming on strong and hard,then i watched Paul a few times and i noticed that the pain was subsiding as i could take my mind off it and concentrate on something else,I have never laughed so hard and it felt good to not be in so much pain,so i started to regularly watch Paul's stream and join in playing games with the community and realized what a great bunch of people that was gathered here,yes even you KGoto. I soon realized that i had found a community online that actually cared about each other,not just in gaming but in there lives as well. I was given inspiration to keep going and not give up,i even made a Twitch channel hoping to broadcast but my Potato wasn't up to the task there to many programs running but on Beam it would work so i created my channel and even broadcast now and then,I was even inspired to mod my rig even if it only a paint job,sure i still have bad days,more than not but now and then i can break out of it because of you guys and gals of the A-team that keep me focused. I try to support who ever is streaming even if it is just watching the stream or just doing song requests.I am slowly coming out of my shell,who knows what the future may hold. I just want to thank all the members for giving somewhere i can call home and a new lease on life in general.
  10. July Game Day Event

    I hope to see you there.
  11. Far Cry 3 Giveaway

    Enter me for the giveaway
  12. June Game Day Event!

    I will kill you then
  13. turksquarde.PNG

    Was in a mood,now to find turtle suit.
  14. Ateam Gaming Community Shirt Giveaway

    Enter me to win this #AteamGC shirt. I would love to have one because they are just so cool and i would wear it on my first live stream
  15. Monthly Community Game Day Event #2

    I plan to attend