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  1. February Game Day Event

    And there'll be tails to tell
  2. February Game Day Event

    Sleep is for the weak young man... although I understand that scientifically, teenagers live in a state of perpetual exhaustion
  3. February Game Day Event

    Are we gonna get some more diverse multiplayer games on the go this time? I enjoyed the January game day, but a heavier emphasis on community games should increase turnout/involvement. Stuff like: Battleborn, BF4/BF1, Guns of Icarus, LOL/DOTA2/HotS,insurgency, HAWKEN, Brawlhalla, Chivalry, Robocraft, Rocket League, Dirt 3/Ratlly/Showdown, etc etc.... Don't get me wrong, it's great to watch folks play SP games, but it'd be awesome to get some more multiplayer stuff on the go.
  4. January GameDay Event

    I'm in. Gonna mic up and everything lol
  5. Beam Stream Playlist

    a little off of the beaten path for the music genre... but This.... all day every day! Also, I didn't know there was a fellow electro swing enthusiast in the house!
  6. [OFFICIAL] ATGC Tabletop Suggestions Thread

    Sounds good to me. Experience: D&D (original thru 3.5) RIFTS (and other palladium games) DBZ Tribe 8 Vampire the masquerade, mage the ascension, wraith the oblivion Passing knowledge of shadowrun. Happy to play: Anything, as long as there's a decent group to game with. Can't DM due to work If you're looking for something light and easy to get into - any of the MET games (vampire etc), and d&d are probably the safest bets - they have a pretty low barrier to entry
  7. INTEREST POLL: Official ATGC Virtual D20 Group

    D20 works for me, just tell me what I need
  8. Introduction Thread

    Big welcome to all of the new members! I'm sure you'll all fit in perfectly with us fruit loops.
  9. A statement concerning the future of ATGC

    Well given that this is the third (or fourth, I forget) break I've been around for, I think it's safe to say that I'm not going anywhere (much to the disappointment of many I'm sure). Fairweather friends aren't the type you want in your life, you learn who you can rely on when they have nothing to gain from it. Once I've got privacy again, I'll be happy to pick up the odd stream here and there to fill in any shortfall.
  10. What is the Ateam Gaming Community to you?

    So after putting this off for a while now, I figured it was time I pulled my finger out and actually got to writing. (As my litle brother once told me, "procrastination is like masturbation - you only end up f**king yourself") Well I first saw Paul on a random episode of TechTalk, I forget which episode, but that information is largely irrelevant. He was still a member of RTP, and I was drawn in by the positive attitude and open policy to have folks join him when he games. I'd been a part of other gaming communities before, but not like this... not like this (apologies for bad Matrix reference). I was basically at the end of my MMO period and looking for other things to occupy my time (anyone that's played an MMO for extended an period knows what I mean). I still wanted to game with people, but was looking for something more casual because Raiding is basically a full time job that eats your free time like I eat junk food. (I didn't get this figure at a gym, that's for sure). ..... then Battlefield Fridays started to happen, and I was hooked. Some of you probably remember how absolutely atrocious I was (possibly still am) at BF4, but I didn't care, I was having a laugh with new friends, making connections, and able to be myself without the constant shadow of my Depression and Anxiety looming over my head. I'd largely accepted the fact that I was a digital entity, but as such I could be anyone, do anything, and say whatever I felt without fear of reprisal, and I NEEDED that in order to become comfortable with myself and rediscover who I even was. To those that don't know, I had almost died from a self destructive cycle of drug abuse that was fuelled by my severely diminished self worth and feeling of absolute helplessness in my own life. I felt like I was a lost cause, I felt alone, and I felt like nothing could break me out of the prison that was my own mind. Fast forward a few years and today I'm nowhere near as active in the community as I used to be, but I'll never forget that it was the ATeam Gaming Community and everyone in it that helped me crush the despair that had all but consumed my life. I go out way more, I'm reconnecting with friends that I haven't spoken to in years, and I'd like to think that I finally know who I really am. I may not be around all the time (although I try to say hello in Discord at least once a day), and you may not even see me when you're streaming (sometimes I log in as anonymous so I can simply enjoy the show), but know that you're all family to me, and whether you realise it or not, you probably helped to save my life. Community is more than just a few folks jumping online and blowing shit up, it's a family, and the longer you're in it, the more you realise just how important they are.
  11. Pros & Cons of moving to Discord from Gamevox

    I really enjoy Discord as an IRC?ICQ style service and find myself poking my head in at all hours of the day/night (much to the detriment of my sleep pattern). I've not used Discord for voice chat, and as such can't REALLY weigh in on it yet, however I really like the voice setup for Gamevox when folks are streaming. I also find that Discord is less intuitive on the whole, although I'm sure if I spent a few days really getting into the nuts and bolts of it I'd find the functionality just fine. In the end, I support whatever decision the rest of the the community, and ultimately you @iamApropos make. Maybe I'll grumble a little, maybe I won't, but as long as the community is happy with the end result, who am I to rock the boat.
  12. Far Cry 3 Giveaway

    Don't enter me for the giveaway - I've won enough stuff from you already lol I think it's someone elses turn
  13. AteamGC and Planet Side 2

    MrCaptainA is ready in game at Koltyr awaiting further orders.
  14. May Game Day Event

    I've got the culling, guns of icarus, chivalry, sanctum 2, bf4, plants vs zombies, and robocraft all installed. See you in gamevox
  15. April Monthly Game Day Event!

    I dunnae see mah name in there! Make it happen Paul. Game wise - I'd love to get a few of us together to derp around in Guns of Icarus - It's steampunk skyship battles! Also Plants Vs Zombies.... because well, PvZ - basically anything folks want to play that I've got, I'm down to play and can download as required Steam: MrCaptainA Origin: MrCaptainA Battle.Net (EU): MrCaptainA:2585