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  1. DISCORD THEMES! Ateam flavored!

    DM me whenever you have betterdiscord set up. And I'll send you the file.
  2. How does one VoicemeterBanana?

    Here's a very quick and dirty post about using voicemeter banana as a software mixer. I've fully switched over to it and I'm really liking it, if you have screen real estate but not a hell of a lot of desk real estate and not sure if you want to shell out some money on a good mixer board, this is your next best option. So what's voicemeter? Check out their page: http://www.vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/banana.htm I am using voicemeter banana, so that's what this will be about. By the way, the software is DONATIONWARE! So it's basically free unless you want to donate. If you can, please support the devs of this software since it's pretty damn good! Once you have it downloaded and installed the fun setup begins, for the purposes of this tutorial I here is what I am using hardware wise: CAD u37 - (Hardware input 1) Main microphone Logitech G930 - ( Hardware input 2) Secondary microphone Primary output (A1) - Speakers (rear audio) Secondary output (A2) - G930 (USB) Tertiary output (A3) - SMSL DAC/AMP to headphones This is what my interface looks like right now with all inputs and outputs. Now for the windows portion of the setup. I have my vban set to a 2 part system. If you look at the screenshot you will see that I have "Voicemeter VAIO" set to my current output (A3) as well as "Voicemeter AUX). The reason I have it set this way is because I am using discord/voice communications as a totally different channel independent of the main audio source (desktop AKA VAIO). If you want a similar setup here's how you need to set up your windows sound options: THIS IS YOUR PLAYBACK DEVICES TAB: I have AUX split (which is Voicemeter AUX in the main interface screenshot.) This is your desktop audio. If you set it the way I have it you won't have to really worry about windows derping and doing whatever it wants to do, if you set it this way you are telling your system you want all audio managed and routed through VBAN which is EXACTLY what you want to do. THIS IS YOUR RECORDING DEVICES TAB: I am also splitting my inputs here as well. I recommend doing this otherwise windows will do whatever the hell it wants to your audio setup at any time. With these set as your defaults, you are forcing windows to default to voicemeter to control sound. Now let's talk about discord. I am not letting discord choose default devices because I have had windows (after an update) reset my settings and bork my discord settings. So follow this configuration to manually tell discord what to do: You can find these settings under "Voice". So there's the quick and dirty setup guide. I hope it's coherent, if it isn't, feel free to ask and I'll try to explain what I can from my experiences. PRO TIP: SAVE YOUR CONFIGURATION IN THE MENU! If you have your settings like you want it save it. That way if you make a change or have to reinstall, you won't lose your settings. Also, if you're streaming and your audio goes derp, or actually, if your audio ever goes derp, go to menu and restart audio engine. Works flawlessly even if you're streaming and you have to do it mid stream.
  3. January GameDay Event

    Fuckin' first Also, yes I'll be there. Lurking and operating the matrix.
  4. What is the Ateam Gaming Community to you?

    I used to be a forum crawler over at fpsbanana, had a good few friends, met some cool people but it kinda died for me. Being pretty much depressed most of the time to the point that I don't want to play games or anything. So I got into their IRC but that died. So fast forward a bit, I started watching youtube, saw paul on tech talk and seeing him kinda felt like I found a friend instantly. Kinda like the "love at first sight" feeling but minus the whole "I'ma spoon with you with my rod later". So I came in and followed and bam! I was hooked, literally getting welcomed by KAPOW ABOMB KAPOW was amazingly special and that's what kept me coming back at that point. It was fun, it was funny and it made me feel like I'm welcome. Then I started hanging out more, doing voice stuff, hell I even bought my wife and I good microphones just to hang out. One thing led to another and I was asked to be a mod. And then it snowballed from there. Fast forward to today and not only does it feel like I made some awesome friends but I found my calling. I have workmates that I deal with at work, but they aren't really friends. I have a few people that are friends in real life but they've pretty much fallen off the face of the earth. So I'm left with nobody, and being antisocial I can't just go outside and make more friends. So here's where the GC comes in. I had nothing, and nobody but my wife's side of the family. And now I've got all of you. While I may be direct and because of being an admin I may have gotten on your case about something, it's because I didn't take this position for just having power. I took it so I can help maintain the peace and help make this community better. So hopefully when people get called out by me they understand it's not because I'm power tripping, but it's because I don't want to see them go and miss out. This community means a lot to me. And I will do every damn thing I can to make it better and make it grow. I wrote that the same day the thread was created, here's some new things I can add: Being with the ateam sort of gives me a purpose. Yeah I may not game much, and when I do I'm crap at it, but that's not what I feel like I'm here for. I'm here for support. I'm here to help and answer questions, help moderate streams, help admin the voice servers and website. It's a lot of responsibility, but you know what? For me I don't deserve this awesome community without giving back in one of the only way I know how to. I like doing the support role, even if it means not gaming, because in the end, I can come home and get online and always be amused and entertained and always have someone to talk to about whatever randomness I can think of at that time. Hopefully that all makes sense grammatically and all, it's really late at night and I've had quite a few drinks. </rambling>
  5. Celebrity Look alikes

    Do I even need to post this?

    FOUND SOME MORE! AHAHAHAHA! Source: Neeners. ^^^
  7. Got good memes/blackmail material of Paul/iamapropos? WELL POST THEM HERE! Let me begin! You can also post random images of paul making funky faces (like that's hard to find). WARNING: LOTS OF IMAGES!
  8. First off, I did NOT make the original CSS theme, I just edited it and edited a background. All credit goes to the original writer of the theme. NOTE: You will need to get and install BetterDiscord! You can find it here: https://betterdiscord.net/home/ HOW TO INSTALL?! Once you installed better discord (download, unzip the file, double click to run it) go to your user settings. (It's located next to the mic and headphone muting buttons.) Now if you have better discord installed, you will see at the very bottom of that settings screen "BetterDiscord". If you don't see it you didn't install better discord, so do that bro. Once you're in the settings for better discord look for the tab labeled "Custom CSS" and click it. Here's the fun part, copy ALL of the contents of one of the text files (redish, blueish, greenish, majestic). Go into discord and click INTO the area where it looks like custom CSS can be put into. Hit CTRL+V because you can't right click and paste for some reason from what I've seen. Once it's pasted, hit update, it should show the theme you chose, then hit save and done and BAM! WORTH NOTING THAT WHENEVER USING CTRL+V HIT CTRL+A JUST TO MAKE SURE THERE IS NOTHING LEFT THAT YOU CAN'T SEE! HOW TO GET THE MAGICAL CODE?! PLEASE DM me in discord right now I can't figure out how the hell to paste it into the forums. SO DM ME IN DISCORD and I will send you the .txt file I have for the theme you want. Or you can just edit it yourself from the original theme file that was linked. Here are some screenshots:
  9. July Game Day Event

    Count me in. Kinda. But yeah!
  10. Ateam branding thing

    Here's another one.
  11. GameVox Punishments

    Deprecated due to moving to Discord full time.
  12. @maxcfm found this, I want to post it here on his behalf. This tool will test your upstream to twitch servers. http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/tech-support/478845-twitchtest-twitch-bandwidth-tester
  13. Pros & Cons of moving to Discord from Gamevox

    Discord, without a question. Like @KodeTen said, I like you guys but sometimes I just want to play my damn game and hear what's going on. I mean I have asked people to shut up because there's a cutscene going on, and it's worked sometimes but honestly I prefer to type. If I get a call or something while in gamevox that requires my attention I used to have to tab over to gamevox, mute myself, mute the channel and then I can talk, sometimes I manage to blurt out BRB but sometimes I don't have time. But now I don't have to do that what so ever. I can just disconnect from voice completely and still be a part of what's going on. A lot of people feel comfortable connecting to it because they don't HAVE to be in voice chat. I can be bored to piss at work and come hang out without having to look like I'm not working. It's a much better platform. Hell if I wanted to I can connect to fucking VOICE COMMS WHILE I'M DRIVING AND HANG OUT! (Yeah the quality is that of a standard cellphone voice call but so what? It's like the party line back in the day!) I'm also a huge fan of IRC because of how versatile it is. And discord fills that addiction very well. Connecting to multiple servers is like switching a tab in your browser (if you have multiple discords you connect to) and even when you're in another server because of the text chat history you don't miss a thing! Permissions are done better than gamevox, and you can assign different people different levels of access within a single channel or just go via server defaults. The features, (I'm not going to say I'm a pro at this but) the technology behind it, the upgrade path, it's mindbogglingly intuitive. It basically merges so many system and APIs together to the point that it becomes THE ultimate client for hanging out. I know I'm missing a lot here but yeah, that's that. Getting my attention (as an admin) is very easy. just type @ and my name and it will not only make a sound but it will also give me a desktop notification. So regardless if I'm in a game or lounging on the couch with my wife, you can get ahold of me. I would like to see a "mentions" history just in case I'm at work or away and someone highlights me but that's a minute issue. Cons, it's a little more difficult to connect. The webclient (while it's good) has issues such as PTT and that's a limitation with browsers not with discord. When you join you use the webclient which may cause issues and push members away temporarily, but for text it works just fine. We constantly have to remind new users to download the app to make their move seamless. The auto start and needing admin to run in some cases could be a nuisance, I know I hated that with the last client we used before gamevox. But that's a minor nuisance. @Crimmy in order to stop discord from auto running at startup hit CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and go to your startup options and disable discord. If you're using an older OS I'm nto completely sure without looking it up, but I know there is a setting in options somewhere.
  14. June Game Day Event!

    I'll be there in the shadows. Maybe playing some skyrim.
  15. DISCORD! And YOU!

    That's interesting, i gave you paul's infinite link, try this one: https://discord.gg/0MbmQUNrPuMfF7Gs