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  1. Plushie Abombs Delayed

    ouch! Get Better @kaaipucca!
  2. Which PC build would be better of a child ?

    If you even have the possibility of upgrading, I would go for the G3258. it will be much better with a discrete GPU, and the onboard graphics are plenty for any lighter games like TF2, Insurgency, Minecraft, and MOBAs. I ran my G3258 without a discrete card for several months before I got my 7870, and it worked well for me. also, by getting the H81, it will allow for a CPU upgrade down the road also. just my $0.02. this was the biggest reason I chose the G3258 over the athlon 860k at the time.
  3. Process on Paul's business cards

    I meant the first one with lots of red.
  4. BGR Hair!

    looks good! although, technically, it would be GRB.
  5. Process on Paul's business cards

    those are all really good! I like the first one best personally, but any of them will work great!
  6. ExtraLife AteamGC Team!

    when is it?
  7. Introduction Thread

    already posted in that thread
  8. Yeah, Like the title says, what's your favorite game of all time? what do you play the most? what game do you hate?
  9. Introduction Thread

    Hey people! I'm SaamiPC, and I'm a tech enthusiast, music-lover, and I also dabble in graphic design. I don't stream too often because my internet sucks, but I love hanging out in GameVox, and just chilling with the community. I also am a graphic designer for the youtube channel Tech Domain, and hope to host a few videos of my own on that channel. If you need a Stream overlay feel free to let me know, and i can try to whip something up for you.