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  1. "The Oreo Build" LOTS-O-PICS

    Looks good, I like that GPU in white.
  2. Plushie Abomb & PC Giveaway!

    Thank you so much for entering, this has been a lot of fun. Thank you Paul for joining forces with me on this. Congrats to Wyre for winning this month's Plushie and the complete Gaming PC. Keep being awesome ATeam!
  3. Tenacious Red **PIC HEAVY**

    Yeah you say that now....
  4. Skylark- The Sockratis build.

    Good choice on the chassis. Phanteks is my go-to for cases. Nice build and decent cable management.
  5. Plushie Abomb & PC Giveaway!

    Thank you for the entries everyone! I wish you all the best of luck.
  6. I figured I would share the Beer 'n Build PC on the forum although the turnout was great and most of you were there anyway. For those who were unable to come out, this is for you. There is a little bonus for those who were there, I grabbed some benchmarks so you can see how it performs. The specs are: Case: Fractal Design Define R5 Motherboard: Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 7 CPU: Intel i5 6500 RAM: G.Skill Trident Z 16GB 3200 (2x8GB) GPU: Sapphire Nitro R9 380 Power Supply: EVGA NEX650G CPU Cooler: Corsair H80i GT w/ EK Vardar fan Drives: HyperX Predator 240GB M.2 (OS) | PNY 240GB (Storage) OS: Windows 10 Professional 64bit If you missed the live build stream, you can catch the recorded version in it's entirety here (click). Here's what she looked like complete: For benchmarks I ran the system with the R9 380 and then just for fun with a GTX 970. Here are the quick and dirty results: **ALL TESTS WERE FULLY MAXED OUT, USING VSYNC AT 1080P** **ALL UNITS ARE FRAMES-PER-SECOND** Using the R9 380: Bioshock Infinite AVG=78.81 MIN=30.02 Tomb Raider AVG=52.6 MIN=38.8 Dirt Rally AVG=59.66 MIN=52.60 Metro Last Light AVG=30.67 MIN=15.06 Shadow of Mordor AVG=59.91 MIN=55.38 GTA V AVG=39.03 MIN=17.98 Using the GTX 970: Bioshock Infinite AVG=113.35 MIN=31.01 Tomb Raider AVG=59.9 MIN=58.1 Dirt Rally AVG=59.89 MIN=55.91 Metro Last Light AVG=49.67 MIN=20.65 Shadow of Mordor AVG=59.95 MIN=56.68 GTA V AVG=59.96 MIN=26.54 Again, settings were put to the max, which is not practical in the real world. Who uses 16X Filtering and AA? I just wanted to see what would happen in the "worst case scenario". And everything is absolutely playable on either card. That's all folks. Thanks for looking and I'll see you in the next one!
  7. Tenacious Red **PIC HEAVY**

    Thanks ya'll, it was one of the more fun builds I've done in a while.
  8. Show off your Ride!

    Does it have the inline 6? Those things will go forever.
  9. Show Your Battle Station!

    Wow there are some nice stations in here! I'll have a go at it... The "battle station" The rig: Phanteks Enthoo Pro i7 6700K MSI Z170A XPower Gaming Titanium Edition 16gb Crucial Ballistix Elite Gigabyte Windforce 980ti Corsair AX1200i Samsung 950 PRO M.2 NMVe 256gb (OS) Samsung 850 EVO 500gb (Storage) This is the building and testing area (my favorite part)
  10. Show off your Ride!

    2015 Ford Focus ST Steeda Cold Air Intake Steeda FMIC Steeda sound symposer delete kit Turbosmart blow off valve Ford Racing catback exhaust COBB rear motor mount COBB stage 2 93oct tune 18" TSW Nurburgring wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport 255/40/18
  11. Tenacious Red **PIC HEAVY**

    Oh, did I mention this system is being given away? NO?! How did I forget that part... STAY TUNED FOR DETAILS
  12. Tenacious Red **PIC HEAVY**

    Benchmarking I will be honest before I get into the benchmarks, I went in expecting little out of this system. I fully expected to be running games at Medium settings in order to hit at least 30fps. This system then proceeded to make a fool out of me. First, I ran AIDA64. This wasn't so much to test the stability of the system, but to test the capability of the system to keep itself cool. The system has two 140mm Thermaltake Riing fans (one front, one rear) and one 120mm Thermaltake Riing on top, which is coupled to the H80i GT. All fans are kept quiet with Low Noise Adapters, sitting at about 900rpm. Even still, the impressive temps are as follows: Ambient Room Temp: 26C CPU Temp Idle: 34C CPU Temp Load (2 hours of AIDA64): 44C The next thing I tested was more just for fun and not really a benchmark per se. I simply wanted to see how quickly the system was able to go from being completely off, to booting up and being usable. The system has Steam, Origin and Corsair Link which are all set to launch at startup and was able to snap into action in under 20 seconds. Finally, this is where the system made me eat my words. When I started benchmarking games, I expected to have to bump it down to Medium. But just for fun I ran my first benchmark on High, and was pleasantly surprised. **All games were run with VSync off and were loaded from the mechanical HDD** Bioshock Infinite [High Preset, 1080p]: MIN=29.82 AVG=86.9fps [Very High Preset, 1080p]: MIN=22.78fps AVG=78.15fps [Ultra Preset (no DOF), 1080p]: MIN=11.73 AVG=62.89fps GTA V [All Advanced Settings Off, 1080p]: MIN=13.91fps AVG=41.28fps Metro Last Light [High, 4X Texture Filtering, PhsyX Off, 1080p]: MIN=12.77fps AVG=63.33fps Tomb Raider [High, FXAA, 8X Texture Filtering, 1080p]: MIN=80fps AVG=101.3fps [Ultra, FXAA, 16X TF, Tessellation, 1080p]: MIN=52fps AVG=67.7fps [Ultimate, FXAA, 16X TF, Tess., TressFX Hair, 1080p]: MIN=30fps AVG=41.7fps Battlefront [High, FXAA Low, 1080p]: MIN=*Could Not Establish A MIN* AVG=59.76fps Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor [High, 1080p]: MIN=33.88fps AVG=60.64fps [Very High, 1080p]: MIN=26.82fps AVG=56.02fps [Ultra, 1080p]: MIN=13.25fps AVG=45.64fps Firestrike 1.1 (Full): SCORE=4381 Unigine Valley [High, 1080p]: MIN=17fps AVG=47fps --------------------- As you can see in some games, I kept turning up the heat trying to bog the system down, and it just kept laughing at me. The conclusion here is obvious; this is a fantastic and very capable system. The Radeon R7 370 is no slouch and should be taken seriously when shopping for a graphics card. Final Thoughts Now that the system is built and has proven itself throughout my testing, I will leave you with some thoughts I have about the build and the parts that went into it. Things I Liked: -As usual, Corsair's All-In-One watercooler was easy to install. This was my first time installing one into and AMD system and it was a piece of cake. It also does an incredible job keeping this 95w CPU under control. -HyperX Savage memory looks fan-freakin-tastic! Some of the best looking memory I've seen in a while. -Plenty of room in the Evolv ITX, this is the second time I've built in one of these and it is always a pleasure. -Thermaltake's Riing line of fans are the perfect balance between aesthetics, acoustics and performance. -The 860K and R7 370 are a match made in heaven, they work quite well together. Things I Didn't Like: -The layout on this motherboard doesn't make much sense in some areas, the locations of some headers seems like some kind of sick joke. -The front panel header is not labelled on the board. Again, because of the layout, they didn't have any room to print microscopic letters around the FPH. -Only two fan headers. One CPU and one System. I get it, it's a small board, but that is not a good enough excuse. -The stock cooler that came with the 860K is an absolute joke. AMD should be embarrassed. -The plastic racks that hold the 3.5" drives do not lock into place securely enough. When "locking" the drive rack into place, it can easily be pushed even more forward. This allows potential for the HDD to be rocked back and forth in the bay during transport. This is a small form factor case after all, people will be using this for LAN events. We all know it doesn't take much to knock a hard drive out of commission. Thank you so much for joining me on this wonderful project. I hope you enjoyed the read!
  13. Tenacious Red **PIC HEAVY**

    Now that I got that taken care of, time to seat the motherboard! As previously mentioned, I decided to go with an All-In-One watercooler, so the next thing to do was mount the radiator and fan to the nifty little bracket that slides out of the Evolv ITX. I used a pull configuration for ease of cleaning the radiator when the time comes. Before sliding the radiator into the case, I need to install the power supply and get some cables ran so I don't run into clearance issues later! That should do for now, let's get this rad fitted. Next thing to do is mount the water block and run all of the cables associated with it. I think the best course of action from here is to get the storage devices installed and get some cable management done. So I will do just that. We're just about done with the hardware aspect of the build, folks. The best part should always come last, right? Let's get this GPU installed! The only thing left is to check POST, and then we can get into the real fun. I apologize for the image quality here.
  14. Tenacious Red **PIC HEAVY**

    Those of you who follow me on social media know I love to build PCs, I am always either building or tweaking a PC. I always intend to do a build log or something along those lines, and then when the parts arrive I am so excited I completely forget! I set out to change that this time around, especially with it being a bit of a special build; this will be my first AMD build in over 3 years! I am excited to see how well this build goes together and how it performs, so let's get started! The Specs CPU: AMD Athlon X4 860K (Quad-Core 3.7ghz/4ghz Turbo) Motherboard: MSI A68HI AC FM2+ (Mini-ITX) Memory: HyperX Savage 8gb 1866 DDR3 (2x4gb) Graphics Card: Sapphire NITRO Radeon R7 370 2gb SSD: ADATA Premier 240gb HDD: WD Blue 1tb Power Supply: Corsair CX600M (600w) Chassis: Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit The Goods It's always fun to get that knock on the door and be greeted with a pile of boxes! The Build First things first, swapping the front fan for a Thermaltake Riing 140mm as well as adding one to the rear while the case is empty and easy to get to. Now the case goes away for the moment, let's get this motherboard prepped. I was going to use the stock cooler until I saw how rinky-dink it was, so I decided to go down a different path and use an H80i GT I have laying around. This meant changing the mounting hardware to accept the new cooler. That is some good lookin' RAM
  15. Plushie Abomb Recipients!

    I got my PDXLAN abomb plushie today and I absolutely dig it! Thanks Paul and Kaai!