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  1. July Game Day Event

  2. Looking for audio clips

    you can download any of his broadcasts and extract any clip you want but I have a few things I have recorded over my time.
  3. June Game Day Event!

    I plan on attending the event
  4. AteamGC and Planet Side 2

    For those of us that like things to look pretty. You have to change these in the user ini file, it can not be done in game. [Rendering]GraphicsQuality=5TextureQuality=0TerrainLOD=4FloralDistanceScale=2.000000ShadowQuality=2RenderDistance=3000.000000Gamma=0.000000MaximumFPS=60UseLod0a=0OverallQuality=-1LightingQuality=5EffectsQuality=5TerrainQuality=5FloraQuality=3ModelQuality=5MotionBlurQuality=5BlurQuality=3AOQuality=3AmbientOcclusionQuality=2ParticleQuality=3VerticalFOV=60FloralLOD=4EffectsLOD=5ParticleLOD=2ParticleQuality=2ParticleDistanceScale=2.000000EffectsDistanceScale=2.000000FogShadowsEnable=0MotionBlur=1VSync=0AO=1
  5. Ram Question

    just get the same size sticks and match the speed
  6. Wheel of Surprise!

    Here is another wheel item; Go knock on the neighbors door after being antiqued and ask to borrow some flour #AteamGC
  7. Show off your Ride!

    2006 BMW 3 Series with several mods
  8. Ateam Dungeons & Dragons!

    weekends or mondays
  9. Ateam Dungeons & Dragons!

    I can't make that time either, right in the middle of dinner for us west coast people
  10. Monthly Community Game Day Event #2

    In lieu of Paul still not feeling 100% I will be hosting this months 12h Game Day with a few changes. Since I am PST I will start the stream at noon my time this Saturday 3/12/16 and it will continue until midnight. With the launch of The Division that will probably be a big part of the stream but I am open to other suggestions. www.twitch.tv/tactical_m0nkey
  11. First build, on a $600 budget.

    At this price point I would start by seeing what you can find / get from family, friends, and local recycle or pawn shops. Buyiing used will be much cheaper than getting brand new hardware thus allowing for for upgrades elsewhere.
  12. First build, on a $600 budget.

    You can get a computer for $600 but I'm not sure you can get a streaming computer for that price. A headset and camera alone will set you back a couple hundred.
  13. Monthly Community Game Day Event #2

    How about a giant drunk worms match? It is even on sale right now. http://store.steampowered.com/sale/worms/
  14. Ateam Dungeons & Dragons!

    let me know what we are doing this
  15. Casting Call

    Alright people I have a secret project I am working on, Paul already knows about it and is on board, but I need some more people to really make this work. This is going to require the ability to record some decent video and audio has sets and costumes will be common place in this project. So here is what I am looking for; 1. A person who can pull off a Sarah Connor or Leia Organa. Basically a female resistance leader. 2. A know it all nerd / science person. Someone like Q from the new 007s or the Riddler from Gotham. If you think you fit one of these rolls go ahead get in character, film a clip or two and send them to scottgibsondesign@gmail.com