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  1. January GameDay Event

    I'll be there, probably in the evening though! We have some errands to run about an hour or so away from us. But I'll be there and watching. Ya'll know who I am X3 DJTrance on Discord too. I'm a Mod :V lelele. As for games I'd like to play with you guys, I'll probably just be watching/chatting.
  2. Monthly Community Game Day Event #2

    I plan on attending and playing what games I can! Unless something happens between now and then!!
  3. Show Your Battle Station!

    This is my messy battle station, complete with Leopard Print, Foxy the Pirate, N64 controller, art tablet/pen, Spyro and an artistic elephant [he's tiny] just chillin. Behind my secondary monitor is my microphone/boom. No its normally not this "tidy" if you could call it that, and sorry for the light-flares :V Also, first forum post, WHOOOO.