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  1. February Game Day Event

    Count me in as always
  2. January GameDay Event

    I'll be there for most of it
  3. July Game Day Event

    yep I'll be there..... wasn't sure if I would make it at first
  4. What is the Ateam Gaming Community to you?

    It isn't a stretch to say that the AteamGC has saved my life. here's a little of my back history... I lost a son in 2008 at 4 months old for still unknown reasons. which put me in a downward spiral in to depression. then in 2014 I when to the hospital with chest pains only to find out that it was caused by a tumor the size of a softball in the middle of my back. Because of the tumor I had quit my job. Not being able to work I felt worthless because I could no longer help provide for my family....Depression got worse. I had the Tumor removed in feb of 2015. And a couple months later I discovered Paul on an episode of TechTalk with Jay and Jerry. I thought this guy seems cool so I looked him up ( not hard he propos on every thing). After hearing Paul's story and the health issues he deals with and is still such a wonder happy person it made me take a look at everything I still have and has done wonders for my depression. Also if it wasn't for the AteamGC and one member particularly I would not be able to Join in on the fun and game with you guys because I could never afford the awesome system on my own. Just want say I truly Love the AteamGC and each one of its members! Sorry for the sob story and bad grammar
  5. June Game Day Event!

    @sabah70 you can push her birthday out a day. I'm SURE she'll understand
  6. June Game Day Event!

    Ill be there
  7. Far Cry 3 Giveaway

    Enter me in this giveaway. PLEEEEEAASEEEE!
  8. AteamGC Minecraft Server

    Here is a little shot of what I am currently working on. more pics to come as I Progress
  9. AteamGC Minecraft Server

    at the suggestion of @iamApropos Im starting this topic for the Minecrafters to post pics of their builds and anything else minecraft
  10. May Game Day Event

    Wife will be in the Bahamas for "work" so I will be there all day
  11. May Game Day Event

  12. Ram Question

    So I'm finding myself needing more ram and I haven't found my current ram for sale any where ( at least under $150) . My Question is... Is it ok to mix Ram and what should I look for to avoid compatibility issues. I currently have 2 x 8gb (16gb) Adata model ax4u2400w8g16-brz and I am looking to double it to 32gb. thanks in advance for any and all help.
  13. April Monthly Game Day Event!

    I'll Be there!!
  14. PAX South 2016 Cosplay /w iamApropos

    my favs are the female fallout 4 character and of course the Naked Sim because well she's naked.......Kinda