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  1. Count me in as always
  2. I'll be there for most of it
  3. yep I'll be there..... wasn't sure if I would make it at first
  4. It isn't a stretch to say that the AteamGC has saved my life. here's a little of my back history... I lost a son in 2008 at 4 months old for still unknown reasons. which put me in a downward spiral in to depression. then in 2014 I when to the hospital with chest pains only to find out that it was caused by a tumor the size of a softball in the middle of my back. Because of the tumor I had quit my job. Not being able to work I felt worthless because I could no longer help provide for my family....Depression got worse. I had the Tumor removed in feb of 2015. And a couple months later I discovered Paul on an episode of TechTalk with Jay and Jerry. I thought this guy seems cool so I looked him up ( not hard he propos on every thing). After hearing Paul's story and the health issues he deals with and is still such a wonder happy person it made me take a look at everything I still have and has done wonders for my depression. Also if it wasn't for the AteamGC and one member particularly I would not be able to Join in on the fun and game with you guys because I could never afford the awesome system on my own. Just want say I truly Love the AteamGC and each one of its members! Sorry for the sob story and bad grammar
  5. @sabah70 you can push her birthday out a day. I'm SURE she'll understand
  6. Ill be there
  7. Enter me in this giveaway. PLEEEEEAASEEEE!
  8. Here is a little shot of what I am currently working on. more pics to come as I Progress
  9. at the suggestion of @iamApropos Im starting this topic for the Minecrafters to post pics of their builds and anything else minecraft
  10. Wife will be in the Bahamas for "work" so I will be there all day
  12. So I'm finding myself needing more ram and I haven't found my current ram for sale any where ( at least under $150) . My Question is... Is it ok to mix Ram and what should I look for to avoid compatibility issues. I currently have 2 x 8gb (16gb) Adata model ax4u2400w8g16-brz and I am looking to double it to 32gb. thanks in advance for any and all help.
  13. I'll Be there!!
  14. my favs are the female fallout 4 character and of course the Naked Sim because well she's naked.......Kinda