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  1. im in. might be a lil late due to needing to mail a few things out saturday morning. but i will be there.
  2. Im in. Its time to kill some of you guys.
  3. Ok so I guess I can throw my 2 cents in to the ring. Honestly having used both services I honestly like both. Here are a few things about both. 1. Gamevox seems like it can be a little better connection for voice with me, but the voice issue in Discord is so rare an issue its really not that big a deal. 2. Gamevox is the first app I used to communicate with the group on, but there really was no text chatting. 3. Discord has multiple platforms to connect with which is great. 4. I love how Discord has text chatting. It makes communicating so much easier. Overall while I like both, I would have to say that from a communication standpoint for the community as a whole Discord seems to have a better offering.
  4. I'm in. Not sure how much I'll be there, but I'll be there as much as possible.
  5. I should be there.
  6. Pound whatever drink youre drinking
  7. Ok I'm in. I'll edit this later to include my info for Steam, etc. Ok so here are the details BF4 name roninlagaming Steam roninla Gamevox roninlagaming