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  1. February Game Day Event

    I'm in and will be streaming. I'm open to suggestions as to what to play.
  2. January GameDay Event

    Oh hell. 12 hours of shenanigans. Sign me up....Wait.
  3. INTEREST POLL: Official ATGC Virtual D20 Group

    I've never really played any type of gaming card games before. If this means a chance to play and chat with friends, then I'm down. Hope it doesn't cost too much and the timing is good.
  4. Introduction Thread

    Hey all, I am The Saga...or Frank (it's not my fault) Whatever. I'm a husband and a father of two. Live in the Chicagoland area. I am newish to PC gaming. Played way, way back in the day. Then some consoles. Now on PC. I work in the tech field at a school district. I love chatting with people and just having a good time playing games. If I'm not doing that, I'm working on recording music with other people because it's more fun to collaborate with others in my opinion. I came across the ATeamGC by way of Twitter. Saw some posts and retweets with the hash tag and I looked it up. Came into the Discord during the initial launch week. Loved it ever since. So many great people, conversations and generosity here it is unbelievable. Love this family.
  5. July Game Day Event

    I'm down but won't be on until after 8pm CST. Garry's Mod might be a good one since I haven't tried it yet. We'll see what games haven't been played yet in the last third of the day. Discord: iamthesaga#1546 Steam: iamthesaga Origin: iamthesaga Uplay: iamthesaga
  6. Looking for audio clips

    As I venture into the art of broadcasting, I wanted to try something out. I have a MIDI controller (Akai MPD-26) that I use for writing drum parts. It has been sitting for a bit as I have been on a hiatus from the writing portion of my music project. I figured I would try to incorporate it in live streaming. I got a couple pieces of software to use with it. One is a soundboard creator to import the audio clip and assign it to a key binding. Then I use the other piece of software to assign the key bindings to a note on my MIDI controller. So far I tested it with an "atomic blast" sound. All I have to do is reach up and tap the pad on my controller and I get an instant KAPOW sound on demand. So experienced Broadcasters may ask why the controller or why not use a bot? I have the hardware available and no specified macro keys on my keyboard. It's easier to me to tap a pad then throw out a custom command. What I want to ask to the community is: Do you have any good sound clips that I may utilize? For instance, a verbal "ABOMB KAPOW" from @iamApropos or something unique.
  7. What is the Ateam Gaming Community to you?

    What the ATeamGC means to me? Well, it means a lot to put it simply. I came across the community first on Twitter seeing the hash tag on random posts. I didn't think anything of it as it was Twitter and that just happened there. One day not too long ago, I saw Paul post a link to the new Discord server. I just had signed up for it so I thought I would look into it. Here I found a group of people from all over the globe. Some related. Some friends. All were a. Family though. The way each of them interacted with one another showed history even though they may have never met face to face. This seemed like something I can be a part of. I joined right on in to conversations about topics that were of the same interest's as mine. I don't get to do this very often at all from home or in a face to face manner as I don't live or work directly with people of similar interests. The ATGC took me in as one of their own. Almost immediately they showed their generosity and willingness to help wherever they can. It is so great to see this here and hopefully I can reciprocate it in the future where I can. I love talking with everyone here as often as I can. Discord really is a huge help to that matter. My wife constantly tells me "Who do you keep taking to on your phone all the time?" When I tell her about 30 different people at a given time, she doesn't truly understand. Needless to say, I really enjoy being here and for all that the members do to support one another. I hope to get into some possible streaming in the future once I get it all situated and I know the ATeam Gaming Community will be there to help along he way. KAPOW Frank "The Saga" Arena
  8. KodeTen's Living Notebook: Streaming Tips & Tactics

    Thanks for this @KodeTen. I appreciate the help to get me started.
  9. Broadcasting Video Games

    Great write up. Makes me want to possibly start streaming.
  10. Pros & Cons of moving to Discord from Gamevox

    I agree on the text chat as well. More often then not, I am unable to voice chat.
  11. Pros & Cons of moving to Discord from Gamevox

    I am a relatively new followers of yours and the ATeam. I saw you Tweet about the Discord channel just a day after signing up to it. I have seen people mention the service on Twitter a few times so I checked it out. I have used TeamSpeak a bit and I also own that Android app as well to connect with other AMD Red Team members. I have just gotten back into gaming on PC and I found connecting with fellow friends of the interwebs makes it very enjoyable. Discord seems fantastic as new as it is. Works great on my end and is very customizable to achieve most needs. I haven't used it for voice chatting yet though. I really enjoy connecting with individuals that have similar interests of mine and a majority of them reside in different parts of the USA and even world. Hell, I even make music over the Internet with people. It's great what we have available to us nowadays. I use all sorts of ways to connect with people from SMS text to Google Hangouts to all social media outlets to even the good old phone call. My wife doesn't understand why I communicate with "people I don't know". You can argue that you may never truly know someone but for me, I communicate with people that interest me. Discord achieves that for me with this group. Long response and a bit of a ramble but needless to say, I like Discord so far and it seems to help your community be more involved... although I don't know how it was before.
  12. iamthesaga

    Just some background images for use wherever