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  1. Introduction Thread

    Hiya, everyone! I'm BTOptimizer, EastCoastMods' only daughter (and youngest) after three boys. I am related to VampireJester and no, we're NOT twins, haha. At this time, I am currently still in my teen years of age so I'm still a kid as Paul says: "If you still have 'teen' in your age, you're still a kid but we love you either way." <3
  2. What is the Ateam Gaming Community to you?

    The ATeam gaming community is like another family to me. There are so many of us from different backgrounds and ways of life. Sure, some of us can get a little out of hand with weird jokes and what not, but that's what is known as "the spice of life." I have met so many different people here. I was introduced to the ATeam by my father talking about it to my brother and I, which sparked me to want to join and meet you all. I'm glad I did because just recently graduated high school my whole group of friends has partially dispersed to many areas of life so I'm left feeling kind of empty and alone but with you guys I can feel whole again. You all inspire me to stream some day and follow my dreams of contributing to gaming reviews and other things. You all mean so much to me, so if you ever stream and you see me in the chat, expect to hear me get the audience hyped and say social media links for you when mentioned. I will also do my best to request songs if you have it enabled on Nightbot. I will do whatever I can to help you guys during your streams to show you how much you have helped me and my family find a wonderful community. To the ATeam and all the great times to come, KAPOW ABOMB KAPOW - BTOptimizer (Bethany)
  3. July Game Day Event

    Gonna be there! Steam: BTOptimizer Discord: BTOptimizer/ZonaHelix#0557 Origin: n/a UPlay: BTOptimizer
  4. Pokemon GO!

    Still a little glitchy for me, but where I found a Squirtle and Pidgey was quite weird... Found Squirtle in the living room, then a Pidgey in the kitchen!! Then another Pidgey in the living room!! I think I found about 3 Pidgeys in there??? LOL! I think we have a bird problem...
  5. Thank you Ateam

    Although we are a gaming community, we are still like a giant, blended family <3 We look out for each other, just like any family would. Your wife is in a better place now, may she rest in peace. <3 Much love from the EastCoastMods family <3