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  1. Introduction Thread

    I'm TechWithBrandon. System Administrator by trade. I'm a running enthusiast with a 9-min / mile pace. When I'm not working or running, I try new foods (especially from fast food places), cook and read. My favorite books include The Disaster Artist, Jurassic Park, Battlefield Earth and the Ultima: Technocrat War series. I started 2 YouTube channels a few months back and have been focusing on getting a gaming stream up to coincide with the channel. They mostly focus on technology and fitness, but I'm starting to branch off to other topics as well. Find me in all the old familiar places Website: techwithbrandon.com YouTube: Search "Tech With Brandon" and "Tech With Brandon Fitness" Twitter: @TechWithBrandon Player.me: TechWithBrandon Beam.Pro: TechWithBrandon Twitch: TechWithBrandon
  2. July Game Day Event

    Count me in! Games I play Everquest Everquest 2 Elite Lord of Alliance DISCORD: TechWithBrandon@#7482