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  1. That's what the community is here for. I've seen you support many people's wild endeavors to be Youtubers, gamers, livestreamers, and generally attention whores. No matter how stupid the pursuit may have been . You and your son have always been standup guys in the community for the years I've known both of you and have always shown what good people look like. I'm happy to have met you and becomes friends more then anything else. Showing our support as a friend goes through a rough time in his life is the very least I (we) could do. Always know that you have our continued support, which pales in comparison to the support you've shown us, and that we're here for you like an extended dysfunctional family. Love and support from the Malott family and the Linux Tech & Gaming idiots.
  2. I'm in and hope to bring some nerds with me!
  3. I like Discord for one reason. Being able to connect from any platform including mobile devices.
  4. Ill be there of course.
  5. Okay. Got The Culling and Im ready to rock. Hopefully I dont miss it this time.
  6. Count me in. And I suggest Insurgency be added to the list.
  7. So much pretty going on here. If you can only do something about those GPU wires it would be perfect.
  8. I know a lot of guys are getting into video production and in doing so usually come across the subject of microphones for their cameras. Here's my look at the Sony ECM-CS3 which is wildly popular on Amazon and Youtube. Video here.
  9. Kittie is that red or pink?
  10. I love the red on the interior of the case. It really gives it some "pop".
  11. I need to do this to my Define case... But soooo lazy, lol.
  12. Being a Texan, I appreciate the Spurs sticker in the case, lol. Nice build Teddy.
  13. This build is the bomb... sorry couldn't help myself
  14. Looks good Garry
  15. One more for the road