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  1. Introduction Thread

    Hello All, Xavious here. Most call me Steak as I rebranded my twitch channel to TheRealMrSteak but you will see me Discord and other things as XaviousD. I've had some form of computer since I was 5. In the EARLY 90's I ran a multinode Bulletin board system (with dialup and stuffs, you were top dog if you have a 14.5 baud modem) and was in the art scene (ANSI and ASCII). Favorite all time game has go to of been and still is Star War Galaxies, (pre/post CU versions not the NGE stuff they put out after the fact), and I'm also a World of Warcraft player, however I don't play on a schedule anymore just here and there. I'm currently into Minecraft, The Division and 7 Days to Die. I run my own e-commerce business and I worked for amazon for many years as a project specialist fixing amazon's internal processes for support teams. Any questions you may have feel free to shoot them my way.