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  1. Nejiboys top 3

    So I have 3 that are up there for my most liked cosplayers. 1. Dallas Deza 2. Shae_ https://twitter.com/ShaeUnderscore 3. Jessica Nigri https://twitter.com/OJessicaNigri
  2. What turns you on?

    Beautiful Cosplayers like here.
  3. Favorite Fallout 4 moment!

    I think my favorite moment in Fallout 4 is when I was running through the forest and fell into a hole behind a Deathclaw. I just sat there not moving for the longest time and then it chased out something and I just snuck out. So scared.
  4. what games are you playing?

    I been playing Rocket Leauge, GuildWars2 and Arma 3.