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  1. Introduction Thread

    Yo, what up! I'm a 22 year old college student currently living in Western Michigan!I love computers, both new and old games, and anything else related to technology. I've grown up around computers all my life thanks to by upbringing by having a father who based a career around electronics repair, and have developed a huge passion for anything involving technology. I'm currently going to a local community college for computer programming, and am hammering out a build that would be suitable for gaming, streaming to Twitch, and video encoding for YouTube reviews. My buddy Stavie introduced me to the team of which I'm honored to be a part of! I mainly played MMOs for a while, and still do dabble in Star Trek Online, but I've expanded my horizons and recently got into PUBG, Rocket League, Battlefield 4, PAYDAY 2, and most recently Quake Champions. I'm also in the Discord, so if you see me on, I'd love to chat if I have the time, just shoot me a DM!