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  1. May Game Day Event

    I'll try to make it, even if it is for a short period
  2. Monthly Community Game Day Event #2

    I plan to be there as long as health improves before then
  3. Monthly Game Day VLAN!

    I plan on attending the event Steam: NocturneKittie
  4. Cooler Master Elite 110 Build Mod - PurrBuntu

    Paint updates and close up for "true" color. It is magenta not a light pink Keeping this one simple, I have another Cooler Master case mod coming up
  5. Project Outlaw

    LMAO good one Osirez
  6. Cooler Master Elite 110 Build Mod - PurrBuntu

    It's a raspberry /magenta like color
  7. Cooler Master Elite 110 Build Mod - PurrBuntu

    Let the painting begin... Decided to leave top panel as is, top window will not work out well and since it's one piece it may not be as solid afterwards. Also need more ventilation since doing away with front panel which will make the case smaller.
  8. Beer 'n Build PC video, some pics and benchmarks

    Love it! ♥
  9. Show Your Power Station

    Under construction, but will update pic here soon. I call my Sanctuary 'KatCave'
  10. It's that time again, this PC build log will be towards my personal dedicated M-ITX gaming build which I affectionately call 'PurrBuntu'. It will be dual OS (Windows 10 and Ubuntu Gnome) hence the name. I would like to take the take to thank Cooler Master USA for providing the Elite 110 for this build. Please see the following link for hardware parts: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/NocturneKittie/saved/6qGFf7. For the mod I will be getting the following from MNPCTECH: Diamond Knurl PC Feet, BlackBlack Billet Grooved HandlesDIY PC Case Window Install KitCase will undergo a paint job, custom window and custom front panel. First set of pictures show PC case broken down: front panel, Top panel, case feet, PSU bracket and PCIe brackets have been taken off to prepare for cutting the paint.
  11. Project Outlaw

    Thanks, more to come
  12. Tenacious Red **PIC HEAVY**

    Awesome, I plan to get that case as well
  13. Spartan Blackhawk Build Log

    Yay, go Rob!
  14. Quick mod of Phanteks Evolv ITX case

    Oh, very nice
  15. Project Outlaw

    Final look and internal hardware Please see parts list at the following link: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/NocturneKittie/saved/Tmv7YJ Updated look during second use (LAN event). Changed case feet and handles for PDXLAN. These are from MNPCTECH as well.