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  1. March Community Game Day Event

    Well Duh!
  2. February Game Day Event

    But of course, I'll be in attendance.
  3. January GameDay Event

    I'll be there. Down for BF1, BF4, Dirt Showdown, Golf with Friends, Portal Knights, ARK, WarHammer: Vermintide, Mother Russia Bleeds, Shadow Warrior 2, Drawful 2, & Sanctum 2. I think those are the main ones most of us have.
  4. Beam Stream Playlist

    renaming to Sir Bini's playlist as soon as I get this all added. lmfao! Appreciate it as usual brother.
  5. Beam Stream Playlist

    Fuck yes Sir Bini. Lemme get that shit added in. Thanks buddy.
  6. Beam Stream Playlist

    Yea man. Can be artist - song title or youtube links to a specific version. I don't care either way. Thanks for the interest though soul brother DJ. Why is there 2 quote boxes?! Cant remove it.
  7. Beam Stream Playlist

    WATTUP NERDS! The purpose of this thread is to give folks an avenue of song requesting.....for my Beam Streams (as promised). Rules are subject to change but it's pretty simple. No troll songs, nothing too crazy that would offend viewers, and lets mix it up a good bit. Depending on input from you nerds, depends on whether or not this will be integrated fully and a part of Beam streams pending 3rd party bot song request support that quenches my thirst so to speak, being released. With that being said, drop some links to songs you'd like to hear in the mix. You all know me, and my taste is pretty universal. If it sounds good loud, I'll crank it to 11 regardless of the genre. Streams are usually a few hours long, so we need a good bit of content. Post what you want to hear down below, and I'll throw it on a playlist for the first trial run. Try to not overdo it with the same artists over and over. Imagine songs you would hear on my shows, request those. Imagine the ones we all get pissy about and skip.....don't request those. Too easy. Ja Bless. Nerds. Link: The Playlist thus far
  8. INTEREST POLL: Official ATGC Virtual D20 Group

    I've toyed with it in the past IRL, but with enough time I could help out in a short session I suppose. Need some more details on the scope of things, otherwise I'll support it.
  9. Introduction Thread

    Hell yea buddy, glad you came and posted. Welcome to the community. Always good chats with you!
  10. DISCORD THEMES! Ateam flavored!

    Nice work!
  11. July Game Day Event

    Driving to Atlanta to get the wife and kids from their vacation down south, but I'll be there for the night portion I'm sure.
  12. What is the Ateam Gaming Community to you?

    I was once a social butterfly of sorts. Most of you have seen that side of me now. I like cracking jokes, poking fun, having a laugh, singing songs and making toasts. Most of that was buried by 1000 pound walls of bullshit a long time ago. Newlywed, followed by fifty-four months on and off of warzones....it changes you. Old me was buried. And it stayed buried for a long, long time. I found solace in doing what I've done since the early 80's...escaping all the bullshit and anxiety by living vicariously through characters in video games. My wife suffered. My kids suffered. My family suffered. And I never cared. As long as I was in my happy space eventually, safely behind a keyboard or controller lost in my world of getting loots and shooting people in the face. That was my escape, all alone with the few I considered friends in a game I was obsessed with. Years went by of said friends bailing on games to go attend to streams or events I cared very little to attend. And then Paul brought the stream to me, in my game. Line in the sand didn't just get crossed, it got erased. Buried in tears of joy, aching abs from the laughing fits of the night before with memories and jokes only we who experienced would ever understand. I learned that it's ok to knock down a few walls, open myself up to random nerds who share the same passion I have. Getting loots and shooting people in faces. In doing so, it directly affected my family. Suddenly I was more willing to do things I fucking hated doing before. Being around people....pffft. It still sucks a bit, but nowhere near as much as it did before. This community helped me get back to me in more ways than you nerds will ever understand. Three or four years ago I would have pulled a gun on you for trying to livestream me. Now I'm a streamer. Take that for what it's worth. This ride has been more therapeutic for me personally than any prescribed nonsense I've attempted in the past eight years. As some have seen, I'll defend this community like my own blood. There's a reason for that. I'm not here for the viewers, the donations, the followers. I know why I'm here. And now so do you. Fuckin nerds.
  13. Pros & Cons of moving to Discord from Gamevox

    Tried Discord in the Beta days as I was mainly an MMO gamer and it is FANTASTIC for instant chat room need situations. You're playing a game with a bunch of randoms, the game has zero voice support and no one wants to register, download etc etc 3rd party apps. As long as 1 person has access to a Discord server they can provide an instant URL to interested parties and ALL end up in a voice chat together via web browser without downloading a thing. That was a huge deal to me as I often played with "PUGs", but it never caught on and I moved over to better games so back to Vox I went. Seeing the improvements Discord has provided is a big wow moment. Zero complaints. Whatever helps the community grow, and as long as everyone has their respective "spaces/channels" we all cherish there's no reason to not like it. /$0.02
  14. Battleborn farms / tips

    Bros, ladies & non-favorites! Here are a few links to assist you in the ways of the ATeam Battleborn Lords of Awesome Things & Glorious Loot Winnings of Honor Legendary item stats: Dem Shinies You Need (Zoom to enhance) Legendary items and where to find them: Who to slay & how to aqcuire said Shinies (Zoom to enhance) An ongoing visual guide to skins & taunts, as well as acquisition: Click it like you mean it Ongoing Guide to Loot Packs, Taunts & Skins: COLLECT ALL THE THINGS FOR GREAT GLORY So if you have any questions, or need some Lords of Awesome to farm with/learn the ropes/get carried....you know where to find us (READ: Discord or Vox).
  15. June Game Day Event!

    President as always.