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  1. Far Cry 3 Giveaway

    Have had so much fun in this game. I hope whoever gets it enjoys it as much as I have :-)
  2. Monthly Game Day VLAN!

    I'll be away visiting my brother as I couldn't make it for Christmas. Have fun all :-)
  3. Favorite games of 2015

    My favourite game this year was Life is Strange. Not for everyone, but it really engaged me, it has a superb soundtrack and storyline. Afterwards I felt like I had really been through an experience with the characters. For me that's a perfect game. Biggest disappointment? Well I'll get flak for it, but Fallout 4. So much hype for a game so full of bugs it ruined any sense of immersion and destroyed the gameplay completely. I got so bored and sick of the flaws so rapidly I haven't gone near it for weeks. Best part of 2015? Coming across you guys thanks to a stream by CyberDustin where everyone made me feel welcome. I had so much fun chatting and sharing musical tastes whilst Dustin kicked butt in Rocket League. Thank you all
  4. Name My Build!

    " Banana Bomb", seems an obvious choice to me. Multiple references, Worms, Bombs and who doesn't like Banana's. The Banana Bomb is an awesome weapon to be reckoned with if used carefully.