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Found 1 result

  1. First off, I did NOT make the original CSS theme, I just edited it and edited a background. All credit goes to the original writer of the theme. NOTE: You will need to get and install BetterDiscord! You can find it here: https://betterdiscord.net/home/ HOW TO INSTALL?! Once you installed better discord (download, unzip the file, double click to run it) go to your user settings. (It's located next to the mic and headphone muting buttons.) Now if you have better discord installed, you will see at the very bottom of that settings screen "BetterDiscord". If you don't see it you didn't install better discord, so do that bro. Once you're in the settings for better discord look for the tab labeled "Custom CSS" and click it. Here's the fun part, copy ALL of the contents of one of the text files (redish, blueish, greenish, majestic). Go into discord and click INTO the area where it looks like custom CSS can be put into. Hit CTRL+V because you can't right click and paste for some reason from what I've seen. Once it's pasted, hit update, it should show the theme you chose, then hit save and done and BAM! WORTH NOTING THAT WHENEVER USING CTRL+V HIT CTRL+A JUST TO MAKE SURE THERE IS NOTHING LEFT THAT YOU CAN'T SEE! HOW TO GET THE MAGICAL CODE?! PLEASE DM me in discord right now I can't figure out how the hell to paste it into the forums. SO DM ME IN DISCORD and I will send you the .txt file I have for the theme you want. Or you can just edit it yourself from the original theme file that was linked. Here are some screenshots: