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Found 2 results

  1. Youtube Series- In need of help :)

    Hi there all. I used to be quite a large participant in this community and recently have fallen off the bandwagon, however i do still feel I am very much welcome here and would like to ask for some assistance, if at all possible. First and foremost. The series. I am in the process of planning and producing an somewhat unoriginal series of "G.T.A TopGear" with some tweaks and adaptations along the way. I was very much fueled by Tom Matthews on YouTube who seemed to make a more authentic series than most and would like to channel that vibe into my own, considering that he has just announced that he will be finishing it up on a permanent basis. Which has given me even more inspiration to start filming, sooner rather than later. I have reached out to other gaming communities locally (As I do live in New Zealand, which I will get onto later) and a abroad as I am looking for some extra cast to help me bring my dreams to life. The Roles: A Host: I am looking for atleast one extra member (two would be preferable, but could make do with one) who would partake in: filming/ eg using OBS and Rockstar Editor buying cars reviewing cars voice calling me online And be willing to put up with the hours of "getting things right", well not that its going to be hugely scripted but the camera work would need some practice A Second role I am needing are people who can be: A "Star in a Reasonably Priced (Rally Car)" If I am to go ahead when I have found another host, one of the segments , which I have practically copied from the original is about a guest who will be having timed laps around the test track, which is already complete, They would be partaking in: Having laps in the car being able to co-operate with instructions being able to voice call me online filming and sending me footage of your laps. Caveats: As with anything, there are conditions placed upon the roles I have outlined, and they are basically common sense, but I thought I would outline them here: I will be asking for help with episodes and directing, but if something is set in concrete then please keep to the schedule or the ideas that we or I had agreed on. I do live in New Zealand, which i had described earlier, which means that I am quite far ahead in time zones, but since I have not many commitments, I am able to be flexible with when I can sit-down with people I will be needing people on the PC to play with me as that's the only way I can play the game. Be able to be prompt to changes or be able to plan in advance as I dont want the filming to drag on for months, especially with an outlined schedule. We will arrange a way to send each other footage either One Drive or something similar as I dont think it will be possible to use just one perspective. Obviously this is not complete and I am more than happy to negotiate the content on this description. Feel free to PM me or to leave a comment here. I would love to hear back from ayone who might be interested . I may update the contents in a comment or two.
  2. Hello all you wonderful people. This Saturday, March 5th @ 1:00pm EST, I will be building a gaming pc with my step son and sharing the experience with you. This will be his first time building a pc and taking that first real step into pc gaming. I will also be doing some game code giveaways through out the stream so you probably wanna be there for that. Crap! I gotta leave for work. Hope to see you there Saturday and if you have any questions or ideas to throw at me, hit me up on Twitter @CyberDustin777. #ATeamGC #AbombKAPOW #NowThatsWhatsUp