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Found 2 results

  1. Discord Game Roles!

    Cash me on the subreddit, how bow dah.
  2. THE A-TEAM GAMING COMMUNITY OFFICIAL VIRTUAL TABLETOP GAMING GROUP SUGGESTIONS AND PLANNING THREAD Welcome everyone and thank you for expressing your interest in an official Virtual tabletop Group with the ATGC. Me and @Eminencehwp03 have been chatting a bit and I think we're to the point that we can prepare to move forward with the planning for one or multiple Virtual Tabletop gaming groups. We will be using Fantasy Grounds to run the Virtual Tabletop space You will not need to purchase an account license if you don't want to. ATGC Will be furnishing a paid account to host the game, players can connect on Demo accounts. You can Download Fantasy Grounds through Steam To start, I'd like for those of you who are interested to check in and let us know what ruleset you would like to play by. Please be specific! If there is a specific version of rules you want to use or are most familiar with, say so. As this thread progresses we will start polls as necessary to figure the most popular option to go with. If you're willing to DM/GM/SM, please volunteer! Starting with me: KodeTen Experience: Vampire the Masquerade Dungeons & Dragons 3, 3.5, 3.5e / DM Spycraft / GM Would like to play Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e or 5 Not willing to DM (No time right now!)