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Found 2 results

  1. TL;DR at the bottom. Hey A-Team; I'm writing this evening in regards to the overall experience I've had as a user, and sponsored gamer, for NoScope Gaming Glasses, and reporting that I am quietly withdrawing my endorsement of their products. For your reference, I have been wearing NoScope Glasses nearly every night for just over a year, and am currently a SIlver+ Ranked Affiliate for them. I've worn several NoScope frame styles, starting with the original "Demon", being upgraded to the "Hydra" (their "Flagship" at the time) And most recently the "Minotaur" which they tout as headset compatible. After little more than a week of wearing the Demon I had to contact NoScope to arrange for an exchange. I had determined that the way they had manufactured the frame was causing the glasses to squeeze my head in 4 distinct pressure points, the nose pads of the bridge, and the sweep on the rear of the ears. Being that the entire frame was made of rigid plastics, this created a very uncomfortable experience, I also noted there was a distortion in the lens which disrupted my vision but it was far enough out of the center field of view that i dismissed it at the time. Upon contacting NoScope customer service and informing them of my discomfort with the "Demon" frames they immediately offered to send me the Hydra frames at no cost and to keep the Demons. My Hydra's arrived and while they resolved the discomfort I was having I noticed again there was an defect in the lens (this time the right one) close to the bridge, it was slight, but whenever I shifted my head, I noticed the warping in my field of view. Around this time I attended SXSW Gaming in support of Operation Supply Drop, which we also received a shipment of Hydras to give away. I selected a new pair of Hydras at the booth and they became my daily wear for some time. My chief complaint with NoScope has been a lack of Rx compatibility for those who need it and a lack of headset-friendly solutions. NoScope launched two products to address this, the Golem and the Minotaur. The Golem is a "wear-over" style protective goggle that is designed to fit over your standard prescription glasses. As such, they are very large. Some may be able to pull off this particular style but I, and more importantly Trance, who wears glasses and I requested a set for, hates them, citing them as uncomfortable to wear and not a very good fit around her glasses. (To be fair, Trance wears glasses with thick frames, which the Golems were clearly not designed to account for.) That said, I still am disappointed that the response was so out of touch with what the rest of the industry does for Rx compatible lenses, Gunnar, Oakley, UVEX, ESS, all brands of protective glasses offer better options than a "wear over". And now the Minotaurs... These were my daily wear up until tonight. I was excited when Minotaur was announced because NoScope seemed to have finally heard my requests and developed a "headset compatible" model. My first pair of Minotaurs arrived after I purchased them immediately upon launch and I was immediately met with a lens defect so pronounced it caused my eyes to cross and induced headaches. I contacted NoScope customer service and was again sent a fresh pair of Minotaurs, this time with good lenses, thankfully, however, headset compatible they are not. Generally speaking, a "Headset compatible" glasses frame has flat temples. I have had two sets in gaming and professional use that fit this criteria, Gunnar Optik's PPKs, and ESS CrossBow Suppressors in the military world. Minotaurs are not equipped with flat temples at all. flater than other offerings, sure, but not flat enough to not prove irritating under my headset (Sennheiser Game Zero) And the punchline: These I wore for about 6 months with no abuse or rough handling, when I pulled them from my face this evening, the top of the frame cracked and split open, allowing the right lens to fall out. So, to review: "Demon" - Frame design caused discomfort and bruising on bridge of nose, lens imperfection "Hydra" - Lens imperfection "Hydra" - Fine "Golem" Uncomfortable, ridiculous, disappointing "Minotaur" - Unusable due to right lens imperfection "Minotaur" - Frame cracked after 6 months of use. TL;DR: Considering, of the 6 pairs I have worn, 3 had lens imperfections causing varying degrees of warping in the field of view, 1 pair was unbearably uncomfortable, painful even, and 1 pair fell apart after 6 months of typical use, I am withdrawing my endorsement and recommendation for NoScope Gaming Glasses. NoScope Glasses as a company is GREAT! And I wish them the best, their treatment of their sponsored talent and customers is A+ spot on, every interaction I had with them was a great experience, but I also believe that you need a product you can stand behind, as much as you need service you can stand behind. I'm not going to make a big deal out of this. I do not believe NoScope needs to "make this right" or anything of that matter, I'm not even going to contact them about my most recent pair breaking, as I know without a doubt they'll ship me a new pair, but I don't want a new pair, so I'm going to toss these and quietly retract my support of them and I would appreciate your understanding in this. NoScope is a great company and most of the time their products fill the need for their customers, for me, after multiple pairs, and multiple issues, I have decided they are not for me and I would rather deal with a better built and better checked product. Personally I'll be returning to Gunnar Optiks.
  2. Ladies and gentlemen; As I'm sure you have all seen iamApropos' recent announcement regarding his streaming career and time at the head of the ATeamGC. (Click the link for those of you who have no idea what I'm on about.) I'm going to make this message short, sweet, and to the point, as those of us on the Admin side of the house for this community have a lot of work to do regarding this all, but I want you all to know that this is not going to affect your experience with the A-Team Gaming Community. Speaking from very personal experience, I know exactly what it is that Paul is going through right now. I want you all to understand that he did not take this decision lightly (We admins had some advance warning on this and I will tell you he agonized over it.) but at the end of it, Paul had to do what is best for his health and his family. As we understand it, the current expectation that we have is Paul is on an extended break in order to get his affairs back under control after some major life events have just occurred. It's entirely plausible and expected that he will return, that return just won't be happening in the immediate future. So what's that mean for us? Put it on pause and wait it out, or go our separate ways until el Capitan returns to pilot the boat? Hell no! The Administration team of the ATeamGC has been working with Paul over these past few weeks and we are fully prepared to keep driving forward with this awesome community we have all worked to build. We've been reaching out to vendors and influencers and I assure you it's a great time to be involved with us. We may not have IamApropos conducting his regular streams, but that does not mean we as the ATeamGC are going to dissolve and die off. We've worked too hard and created too strong of bonds for that. The community leads are working together to put together a streaming program we can all support as members of this community. Yes, Paul needs to take a break, we respect that and we expect you all to respect that, we also want to carry on because the ATGC is it's own animal with it's own momentum. This is our personal belief as your administration team here. So Keep Calm and Carry On! It's a great time to be a gamer and the future of ATGC is gonna be even greater. We promise. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Community leadership team: KodeTen | KGoto | MaxCFM | Eminencehwp03 | DealLaRue18 | Arkcry