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August 4th, 2018

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August Newsletter2018-08-01Eminencehwp03
Who wants to buy official Ateam shirts?! Here is your chance to vote on which shirt is our first official Ateam branded apparel.

Vote Here

Option AOption B
Back Of Shirt

The official dates for the Annual AteamLAN have been set! The dates for this year is Oct 12th, 13th, 14th of this year! Will you go? Contact MaxCFM for details. That pretty much wraps up the official business, now for the random notes/ funnies from the meeting

Adam apparently wants to live in a Uhaul here in a couple years. He mentioned he does not like his current state of residence. Which I think we can all agree he probably is talking about his ARK base. He'll move soon...
Kgoto logged in and one of the first sentences was "Octopus is a wet spider" which makes me wonder what that guy looks up when he is at home.
iamthesaga is super busy and needs an assistant.
Queen of the Nop made an appearance and seems to be asleep at all times.
HotRodNerd has a slight security risk with his roomba as Del has taken over the roomba and is going to follow HotRod around.
May Newsletter2018-05-09Eminencehwp03
Greetings ATEAMGC!

There hasn't been much time between the last newsletter but there are a few things to discuss with everyone.

- Shirts are in their final phases and being cleaned up by our glorious Admin Team! There will be a vote soon for the final design so keep an ear out!

- The last game day was a blast! We had quite a few people show up for the Battlefield 4 event and everyone had fun! I can't wait to do that one again! One thing I would like to mention with that, it has been discussed running a community game event every Saturday night with a different game. The only true issue is which games to choose from but more on this coming soon!

- With July 4th coming up we have decided to move a couple of the game days and you can vote on one of them yourselves! June's game day was pushed forward a week to June 9th July's Gameday will be set up as a Straw Poll here Cast your vote on one of the two days and the winning vote will be set as such

- With much sadness the 7 Days to Die server will be shutdown on May 31st. The inactivity and those waiting for the upcoming A17 release has caused the server to be a little dusty at this time. We will bring it back up when it gets close to the release so stay tuned!

- We do still have our Minecraft servers (with Delinson teasing something new in the works), and our Ark servers are still going strong! For those of you wanting tech armor, we will be setting up boss battles here soon. Keep updated by watching the Ateam Ark Channel on discord for more on these developments.

- The Farming Simulator is alive and kicking and apparently very popular from the crew. For anyone that has the game but has been sitting out come and join! All you need to do is get whitelisted for our servers, for more details ask in the discord chat.

That is pretty much what was discussed during our last meeting business wise. Now for some of the random notes I found funny at our meeting

- Qain still remembers all the codes to Contra, feel free to ask him next time he's in voice chat!
- Ronin likes to play with himself. To what context I would much rather not know.
- Queen Nop is in serious need of a Donut. A nice glazed Donut, maybe a little cinnamon sprinkled on top or cream cheese filled!
- Everyone kept teasing me for not doing this Newsletter, as if I wouldn't do it shesh!
- Ootlander kept vaping in the mic, I vote from now on he shall be known as Darth Vaper!

ATEAM Admins and Mods
April Newsletter2018-04-27Roninla
Greetings ATEAM,

Another month has come and gone, and do we have some things to talk about. First though lets take a quick look back at what we have done recently to get caught up.

- We not only reached our goal for T-Shirts, but we beat it. So we will be getting a shirt design with designs on the front and back of the shirt. The designs are still being finalized, but once they are you will get to choose which design is used.

- We held our second Town Hall Meeting. It was great that people showed up, and were able to talk. We love all the feedback, and hope that it continues.

Ok enough with the old business right, it's old. We are sure you just wanna hear about the new, shiny, upcoming stuff.

- Game Day is coming up on May 5th. While this has generally been centered around someone doing a stream it doesn't have to. So lets get some games scheduled, and have some fun. Remember we don't game alone. It's all about having fun gaming with friends. If you want to stream though feel free.

- We have some new game servers that will be coming online in the future. Some of them will be sooner than others, but they will be fully open to the community. So if you want to get your pew pew, farming, or who knows stay tuned. We are working hard to make sure we have as many wants covered as possible.

- Delinson has now brought the ATEAM web page into its Alpha phase. So we need your help with it. We need people logging in, and trying to break it. And no that doesn't mean spamming it. Just use it, and if you encounter any issues let Delinson know.

- Lastly speaking of Delinson, make sure to congratulate him on his recent promotion to the Admin team. He has been working extremely hard behind the scenes to get not only servers up and running, but also to improve our quality of life here on the server.

Now let's get out there and do some gaming.

ATEAM Admins and Mods

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