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The ATeam Gaming Community was founded by iAmApropos in 2013 with the intention of bringing gamers from all walks of life together in a supportive and fun community. In 2016, iAmApropos had to step away from the ATeam, passing the torch to a group of people who keep the spirit of the ATeam (Apropos Team) Gaming Community alive and growing. We strive to maintain a balanced, neutral, and fun-loving atmosphere, with live-streaming content creators broadcasting around the clock playing with community members and guest viewers alike.

We welcome everyone with open arms.

For more information, ask a moderator. You can also follow us on Twitter, join the discussions on Reddit, or chat with us in our Discord

Happy Gaming!

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May NewsletterMay 08, 2021Delinson
Dear ATeamers,

Man it has been 2 years since anyone has written a newsletter, we as an admin team really would like to correct this and will work to correct this. However on one hand not a lot has happened, as far as the ATeamGC is concerned. A lot has happened in the world, a pandemic, lots of changes in the world, lots of changes in the gaming world, and a few changes in the streaming world.

I don't know how everyone else's year was, but if it was anything like mine it was not all fun and games. March 2020 I got COVID, later that month I was diagnosed with diabetes, then we went into lockdown, 3 days after lockdown my wife of 8 years asked for a divorce, 2 months later I lost both of my businesses (because of lockdown), 2 months later ex-wife lost her job, 2 months later she moved to San Diego with a new job and left me with the house, Feb 2021 I was diagnosed with the "worst case of afib my cardiologist has ever seen", April 22nd 2021 I went for heart procedure, it failed (not in a way that it killed me obviously, just did not work to get rid of my afib). So that is just what I went through, just to keep everyone updated on everything and why it has taken me so long to do anything with the website.

However the website has now been updated and things have been dealt with that I should have dealt with months ago.... we had a MINOR security breach. I do mean MINOR, no your personal data was not compromised myself and my team of devs who built the backend of this website did an awesome job in keeping the backend pretty well locked and encrypted, the only breach was the fact that spam bots were able to make over 10k accounts and bog down the registration system and user system. This has since been fixed and been repaired, I have removed all those accounts and if in the purge you lost your account I am very sorry, but it will be easy for you to make another account. To stop this from happening again I have installed an invisible recaptcha system that will do security checks vs bots and see if they can pass the test, if not then they will not be able to do anything on the site.

To go with this, I also rewrote the entire permissions system today with the help of HotRodNerd (he did all the testing), so when you guys see him you should tell him THANKS, cause without his help I would not have been able to do this. The whole permission system had to be rewritten and tested from the ground up and took about 7 hours... with one break for food in-between. I think you all should also kick Adam in the arse to kick the rest of the mods in the arse for not helping... although sysdrum has an excuse, he forgot the rope to tie his kids down in bed and had to actually put them to sleep (Joking, no kids were harmed in the writing of this newsletter).

Some updates with the ATeam, we are working on getting new gaming servers in July. For sure we are going to have a Minecraft, Space Engineers, Arma 3 - Exile, ARK, and from there we will have a poll to ask you, our members, what other servers you would like to have so we can all start gaming together again. We all really miss that and wish for that to happen again. As far as some updates to the site, I have made it to where the admins can move around panels instead of having them in fixed positions.. I will be working on more things in the coming days, assuming I have energy to do it all.

During the writing of this newsletter, Max was busy making his sexy voice, causing a lot of distractions so if I missed anything.... it was the cold showers fault.
April NewsletterApr 08, 2019Delinson

Dear ATeamers,

It isn't often that I sit down and write the newsletter, however with the amount of changes to the website I would like to sit down and tell you all the new features that have been brought to the website.

New Features:

Language Selection, each user is now allowed to select a language that we have had translated to work with "most" of the site. I am working on getting it to work with all of the site, but this will take some time.

Editable, every part of the page is now editable by anyone in the admin/moderator team, what this means is when something needs to be updated they do not need to wait for me.

Whitelisting, whitelisting should now be automatic, whenever you whitelist on the server it will whitelist you to all our servers that have whitelisting (this is still in testing).

Content Creators, I decided after messing with everyone elses API for Twitch to write my own, these are now stored in the database and the API is ran every 5 minutes to check online/offline time and other information, thus lowering load times.

Gamedays/Events, as said before everything is editable, it is now possible for admins/mods to edit/delete/add gamedays and events.

Backend, security updates, 2 factor authentication (will be enabled soon for people to use), database security. A lot more backend changes that make it way too much to list, we'd have an 8 page newsletter.

While I'd like to take credit for all of these changes on my own, I cannot, last year I started working with a team that is working on a great backend called Userspice, this is what we use for our backend and the team over at Userspice has been working hard on all of these changes and we will continue to do so with many communities in mind, not just this one. However most of the changes are tested here first, and then they are sent out to the masses.


Couple of more things I would like to touch base on with everything, as everyone is aware The Division 2 has come out and a lot of us have been very busy in that, with the new clan (which as of writing this is level 17 of 30). We do a lot of things as a clan and try to do everything on challenging, as some of us found out last night if we do it on heroic and you die you end up back at the beginning, that was no fun, but we have had a lot of fun. If you would like to join us in the game and in the clan, just let myself or Max know and we will add you to the clan.

Next lets talk about the t-shirts, we know a lot of you have been looking forward to the shirts, we have too! However due to complications with manufacturers and distributors, we are currently in search of new options to get these made and available for all of you. So please stay tuned and we will update you as we have updates ourselves.

Now I'd like to touch on game servers, there are quiet a few games out there that we could have private servers for, however since I am not 100% sure what everyone is playing now a days we have slowed down a little with private servers unless we get a lot of hype for a certain game. We still have our ARK servers (3 of them, Island, Center, and Scorched Earth). In the next few days I am hoping to have a system in place for people to submit games, and vote on them to see if we get servers for those games. 

Saga would like me to add words and coupons into the newsletter for free value meals at Wendy's, however Wendy's refused to sponsor us so we are out of luck.

Nop and Saga would like to see these two emotes in the newsletter

September/October NewsletterSep 16, 2018roninla

Another month has passed, and things are moving along for us. We have a couple big announcements for you guys here at the ATeam. The first of which is about the T-Shirt design. Not many people voted, but we still had a winner by a landslide. The winning design was Option B, so the front logo will be on the left side of the shirt.

The next big thing going on is when the shirts will be going up for sale. While we don't have the exact day yet we have some hopes for you guys. We are hoping that they will be for sale by the October Game Day Weekend on October 12-14. If they aren't ready to be sold by then, we are at least hoping that we will have a sample shirt that we can show you during the stream.

This brings us to the last item, and this is a big one. Every year we try to celebrate the anniversary of this community. The day we celebrate doesn't really matter that much to us. What matters is that we celebrate the community. So with that being said, Octobers game day will not be a single day. Octobers GameDay will be the ATeamGC Game Day LAN Event being held at our own MaxCFM's house. The Game Day weekend will go from October 12th to the 14th, and if all goes right will be broadcast to the ATeamGC Twitch page. So not only will you gaming with friends, but you will get to laugh at all the shenanigans happening with them. And if you are very lucky you might even catch a glimpse of a wild MaxCFM in his natural habitat.

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KillerGoddess Approved suggestions on the website. So people know what has already been suggested and/or completed.
Delinson Ability for everyone to upload images to the Member Screenshots.

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