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March 3rd, 2018

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ATeamGC Meltdown 2 Welcome to the ATeamGC Meltdown 1.12.2 modpack!
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ATeamGC Community Server 7 Days to Die - Alpha 16.4 0/20 player(s) online.
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December Newsletter2017-12-31iamthesaga

Greetings ATeam,

As we close out 2017, we here at the ATeam Gaming Community want to thank you all for continuing to be a part of our growing community. On the 22nd of December we had a Town Hall meeting with the members and wanted to sum up some of the points we conversated about.

  • We (the administration) will provide more transparency about what is going on behind the scenes. Look forward to more newsletters like this as well as the #announcements channel on Discord or on our Reddit page.
  • Our monthly Game Day events will be moving forward starting in January as being the first Saturday of the month (unless communicated otherwise in advance). Pay attention to the previously mentioned resources as well as our Twitter.
  • We have opened a PayPal account strictly for the ATeam Gaming Community. The first donations will go towards opening up a merchandise store starting with a newly designed ATeam Gaming Community shirt. More info to come on the opening of the storefront.

It was a great overall conversation that we had that day and we have gained a lot of feedback. Feedback that we will use to grow and move forward in 2018. We did add a channel in the Discord called #suggestions if you would like to share a thought about what we could do to positively impact the community. As always, you can directly contact an Admin or Moderator if you feel more comfortable that way.

Looking forward to what the new year will bring to the ATeam Gaming Community!


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ATeam Gaming Community
The ATeam Gaming Community was founded by iAmApropos in 2013 with the intention of bringing gamers from all walks of life together in a supportive and fun community. In 2016, iAmApropos had to step away from the ATeam, passing the torch to a group of people who keep the spirit of the ATeam (Apropos Team) Gaming Community alive and growing. We strive to maintain a balanced, neutral, and fun-loving atmosphere, with live-streaming content creators broadcasting around the clock playing with community members and guest viewers alike.

We welcome everyone with open arms.

For more information, ask a moderator. You can also follow us on Twitter, join the discussions on Reddit, or chat with us in our Discord. Happy Gaming!
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